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Admission > Employment

Where students do an internship

Curriculum provides students undertaking the following internship:

  1. Educational (after 3rd year)
  2. Pre-degree (before the defense of diploma of Bachelor or Master)

Educational practice is based on the research and development laboratories of the department: research and development department of the Information Resources of SD (Department of Systems Design), department of computer network administration of SD, Centre of Supercomputing of NTUU “KPI”, Centre of Development and Support of KPI’s website, research and development laboratory in co-operation with “Samsung company for designing applications for mobile devices “Samsung – KPI” research and development laboratory in cooperation with the Belgian company Melexis for the design of integrated circuits.

Pre-degree practice is carried out on the basis of:

  • the research and development laboratories of the department
  • the academic institutions of NAS of Ukraine: Institute of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics;
  • Large and small businesses in Kyiv by agreement (e.g. KM Core, Luxsoft, “MTS Ukraine”, LLC “COMSTAR-UTS”, LLC “SMART-group”, etc.).

Where graduates work

Demand for IT-specialists is growing constantly.

Our graduates work in different areas of information technology. To list all of them is pretty hard, but there are several major areas of employment:

  • Software Development: programmers, Web-designers, developers of hardware and software suites;
  • Information management: administrators of databases, information systems, ERP-systems,
  • Network infrastructure support: administrators of local and global computer networks;
  • CAD: design of VLSI, bio-medical treatment systems, physical and other data.

Answering the numerous questions of students and their parents, we have collected some information about positions and approximate salaries for these areas.

Developers/Engineers (software - SW, hardware - HW Developer or Engineer). Within this directions there are positions such as junior (Junior), lead (Middle), senior engineers (Senior), project managers (Principal).

Junior Engineers - Senior students (since III year of education) of leading technical universities in SW, IT, ACS specialties. They are involved in rough work of the department, debugging of the code (debugging), working with the "old" code (porting), and error correction (bug-fixing). This work is a great opportunity for young professionals to acquire the experience required for further growth.

Salaries of these professionals, in Kyiv, for example,, can be from $100-200 (III year students, part-time) to $1000-1300 (V-VI students courses in Western SW-centers).

Programmers and software engineers - experts, who constitute the majority of the staff of any software developing company. Except developers, there are business analysts who also participate in the process of designing and have nothing in common with system. Business analysts are engaged in gathering and formulation of requirements relevant to particular software. There are also quality assurance engineers (QA Engineers – testers). Generally there are 5 quality assurance engineers on 10 software developers. Such a specialist is usually a graduate of a technical university with work experience about 3-5 years. These specialists are involved in major projects of the company: product solutions, system development, and offshore development (depending on the specifics of the company).

Specialists with 5 years experience are usually invited for the position of leading (senior) engineers. These professionals have sufficient expertise to be technical "guru" of the project, know all the hidden pitfalls of the implementation of SW / HW decision, participate in the creation of architectural, write test tasks and scenarios (regarding quality assurance departments). Often these professionals have 2-5 employees in direct subordination who are involved in joint writing of the code.

Senior developer and Team Leader are very close positions. The difference between them is only among subordinates; usually team leader has in a submission from 5 to 20 professionals. Team leader is often involved in development.

Project Manager (PM) - is one of the key positions in the company. PM is responsible for project management, time tracking, negotiate with customers and foreign counterparts. Project manager isn’t usually involved directly in the process of coding or testing, but may be involved in the process of discussing the architectural features of the code.

Revenues of project leaders can be very different - mostly it depends on the scale of the project. $2200-2500 in Ukrainian and small western offshore companies, up to $5000 and more in major Western centers.

As part of the Information Management and network administration technical support experts (Helpdesk), system administrators, senior system administrators, IT-Managers, IT-Directors are employed.

Technical support specialist (helpdesk) is a starting position. These professionals work with UNIX and other networks, servers, internal corporate IT-systems. The main duties of the technical support specialist (helpdesk) include user consultation on issues of information technology, solving the users problems associated with the operation of office equipment and initial network administration. Salary depends on the availability of higher education and English language skills.

The system administrator is primarily engaged in the administration of the network. The system administrator can operate both within the IT-department of the company and independently. Depending on working conditions responsibilities differ: if system administrator is working independently, he combines responsibilities of the helpdesk specialist and others.

Salary of system administrators, for example, in Kyiv, ranging from $1200 to $3500, the salary of system administrator with experience of 1-2 years, initial Windows administration skills, with or without knowledge of English will be from $1200 to $2000. System Administrator with experience of 2-4 years already receives $2000 - $2500. UNIX-Administrator (with knowledge of English) receives $3500.

IT-manager manages IT- department. She/he leads all the documentation in her/his IT-department, is responsible for the implementation of new IT-policy: security policy, the corporate information system (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning), the introduction of advanced computer-aided design and other application and system software used by employees in their work. The salary of such a specialist depends on the size of the company and number of subordinated people.

IT-Director (Director of IT) is responsible for the IT-department of the whole company, which can be quite large and complex. IT-Director may have from 10 to 50 subordinated employees, and salary varies depending on the size of the company and areas of responsibility.

This category of IT-specialists includes the business analyst. Business Analyst is a link between business and IT. The duties of business analyst include the study, description and modeling of business processes of the company and their adjustment in connection with the implementation and support of ERP-system.

Separately, you can select a category of implementation consultants who implement systems and services: ERP- systems, CAD - systems, information security and surveillance systems, etc. (manufactured by large Western, Russian or Ukrainian companies as well as developed on request). They are also responsible for connection to services of provider companies such as cloud data storage, cloud computing resources (from the world well-known companies such as IBM, HP, Amazon AWS, Rackspace and national companies), etc.

Incomes of specialists in this category are very different. For example, the range of salaries of consultants to implement ERP in Kyiv – $1300-4000 depending on the system, professional qualifications, knowledge of English, as well as whether the system is of internal or external project.

Since in the field of CAD (development of CAD-systems and use of CAD in designing of LSI) a lot of our graduates work abroad, we give information about the income of such specialists.

Salaries in Western Europe for the year (without the tax which depends on the country, age, marital status, number of children, health insurance, etc.).

Academic (DE) Industry:

  • After diploma (PhD student): 15000-20000 Euro / year, 30000-40000 Euro / year
  • After defending the dissertation: 40000-45000 Euro / year, 60000-65000 Euro / year
  • Professor: 55000-60000 Euro / year

Universities (NDI) salaries depend on the country; in private companies – on the size of the company, experience and skills of the employee. For example, in Germany the gross salary of engineers with experience of 5 years range from 2900 EUR to 5000 EUR per month, For engineers without family and children net salary ranges from 1700 EUR to 2800 EUR per month.

Examples of successful employment of our graduates

Young teachers of the department who in recent years have defended their dissertations: Kharchenko Constantine, Kornachevskyy Jaroslav, Voivod Alexander, Kiryusha Bogdan, Beznosyk Alexander, Finogenov Alex.

In leadership positions in renowned IT companies:

CEO of Samsung-Ukraine Yuri Pogrebnyak; Director "Viaduct Telecom" Maxim Krukovskyy; Director of OOO "Company Profix" Nicholas Mace; Director of "Lan-Telecom" Vitaly Osyutenko; Head of IT management ProCreditBank Zavgorodniy Igor; Head of programming department of ProCredit Bank Oleg Yurkovsky; Head of IT Department of Young & Rubicam Grushevskii Fedir, head of the IT department of Deutsche Wertpapierservice Bank Valery Vishnevsky, general manager of the company IBS (Information Business System and Telecommunication) Pomazkov Yuriy; President of VCT (Achievements computer technology) Milin Vitaliy; Representative of SUN-Ukraine Sokolsky Anton; System Specialist of IBM-Kyiv Sergey Kostecki; director of outsourcing software development company Sergey Orlov; Vice-director of the US-Ukrainian company RG-DATA Zabara Alex, Senior Network Engineer of Google Corporation Vladimir Yakovenko and others.

Successfully work in the highly competitive West, defended the dissertation on the West, working in research and development, industrial organizations: A. Vasiliev, V. Solomko, E. Borohovych. Successfully conduct research and development investigations in Germany: O. Klimenko, P. Ostrovsky, B. Shutko, D.Svintsov and others.