She then drowns Lucinda in a trough. Baron Meinster and numerous other types of Vampires such as the Circus of Knights and the Golden Vampires can change into bats. Martin finds the couple's house keys in Chuck's coat and visits their house. She sees the clinic director Jack Rothwell (Kevin Stoney) taking one of the dismembered corpses in his car and follows him to a country mansion. However a metal sword can be used to decapitate certain vampires, which is how General Spielsdorf killed Carmilla Karnstein. She vows revenge on all of them for their treachery, as the pile of money bursts into flames. However, as Tom discovers the woodcutter is Mr Ardoy, dusk approaches. Emma is hospitalised with shock. Mary tries using the voodoo doll against Lucinda by recasting it in her image, but fails. The cops take him away, and a puzzled Lolly decides to leave the job immediately. She nicknames it 'Charlie boy' and takes it home with them. Peter Cushing also apeared in two other Hammer vampire films "the Vampire Lovers" and "Twins of Evil"  Van Helsing appeared in Horror of Dracula, The Brides of Dracula, The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires and Dracula AD 1972, his grandson [also played by Cushing] appeared in Dracula AD 1972 and The Satanic rites of Dracula. “You have to remember the context – it was the end of the 70s, which is … There were many who also worshipped and served them willingly. Though they can be destroyed Vampires can also be brought back to unlife through a number of ways. During a children's party for Sophia's birthday, an overhead pipe breaks and blood sprays over all of the guests, triggering further panic. HAMMER Horror films were British-made between the 1950s and the early ’70s. They find the £150,000 in cash that Penny meant to pay the 'Swami' with, but as they start to divide the money, darkness befalls and Penny's ghost - a real ghost - appears before them. She tries to kill another man who picks her up but fails, but then finds another victim in a park (Pierce Brosnan) and kills him. Dracula regularly hypnotises people into obeying his every command through his stare. Shown to be incapable of compassion or love, some such as the Golden Vampires were even shown to be as single minded as animals literally existing for nothing but the kill. Janet notes that Martin is acting weirdly, and he has a long nail on his right hand. Edwin begins to think his mother is responsible for the virus and also for his father's death. Setting off on a holiday, a family give a lift to a sinister hitchhiker. See more ideas about horror, hammer horror films, hammer films. He commanded bats to decimate an entire village remove crosses from people and mutilate a priests face. Later his cousin Emile brought a plague to the town of Stattel and murdered the children of his killers which fullfilling the counts curse enabled him to return from the grave. An anthology series created by Hammer Films in association with Cinema Arts International and ITC Entertainment, it consists of thirteen hour-long episodes, originally broadcast on ITV. At the house, Sarah dies during childbirth but Mrs Ardoy and the other children welcome their new baby brother into their pack. Thinking it was a nightmare, Norman returns to work that morning, and finds that Lolly cannot remember Mr.Rayburn's visit the previous day. While most Vampires are destroyed by sunlight the Karnsteins species of Vampires where able to move freely in the daytime, while Emile was able to move in the sunlight in his panther form but could not in his human form. Baron Meinster and his Vampire consorts and minions, which at one point included his own mother who he made into a vampire. Again, Shelley wakes up from a nightmare. Frantically Ruth runs to inform Andrew at the funeral home, but finds his corpse there, also killed by the funeral directors after he discovered their activities. The sequence was based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1871 ‘Carmilla’; a novella which […] Shelley revisits Lower Moat Manor, but finds that the house does not exist, and when he enters a phone booth to inform Lolly, the message comes up "why did you do it", smoke emits from the telephone and chokes him. Dracula could assume the taoist monk Kai's form. He falls into a trance like state, and sees his colleagues Dr Harris and Markham, Stella, a psychiatrist Dr Manders (Conrad Phillips), conspiring as an evil team wanting him to eat Stella's baby for the devil's sake. Emile also healed instantly after being shot in the shoulder with an arrow and the stomache with a shotgun. Following this, Graham's film director friend Phil is also accidentally killed on the set of a TV commercial when an arrow from a crossbow hits him. All of the children are strange - they sleep at odd times, are afraid of fire, roam the woods in the dark, and become disoriented as dusk approaches. The plant that was Terence's work is now growing on the grave in the shape of a wreath, which Laurie says is "for all the unloved of this earth", as she walks away with William. Throwing a glass of ordinary water in a vampires face would not harm it. It describes how neglected he felt with his parents too busy with their work to devote any attention to him. Martin is discharged thereafter and is brought to the new house. Graham overpowers Macardo and makes away with the fetish. She is told that all of the guests are survivors of a well known plane crash that occurred just over a year ago, and that they meet regularly at the mansion to celebrate and "remember those who died", this being their thirteenth reunion. But Tom thinks it was too real to be a dream. David Prowse, best known for physically portraying Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, appeared in the Hammer films The Horror of Frankenstein, Vampire Circus, and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. The animals are kept in open cages but the exits are electrified and the animals are conditioned to eat their food only after a bell is heard. He runs back to the house and attacks Terence's lab rabbits, and then Terence. Under Lucinda's spell, and being told that his wife is unfaithful, David locks Mary in the cellar as he prepares a pyre, convinced that it is Mary who should be burnt at the stake. Count Mitterhouse had two children with the Witch Anna, it is not known if these Vampires could have children with an ordinary human or if it had to be with another supernatural creature such as a witch. As Tom Fallows writes: The release of The Curse of Frankenstein in 1957 was met with repulsion from serious critics appalled by its explicitness. Baron Meinster claims that he will preserve Mariane's beauty forever. By causing the sails of a windmill to form into a giant cross, the shadow of this cross fell on Baron Meinster and destroyed him. D&D Beyond Ruth and Andrew investigate and find that the corpses are being replaced by mannequins for burial, and that the funeral directors are secretly taking the dismembered carcasses to Chesterton Clinic. She prowls around late at night and finds a room with several carcasses being stored like an abattoir. A silver sharp driven directly through their heart will kill certain vampires such as the golden vampires and Dracula himself. Dracula could be brought back to life by spilling human blood on his remains, he could also be ressurected by a powerful black mass ritual. These Vampires were able to have children. It is revealed that Heinz had inadvertently given details about Charlie Boy to an old gangster friend of his, Peter Macardo, who wanted a fetish in order to deal with a rival gangster in Nigeria, and Macardo burgled Graham's house to get it. When he returns to the house, he and Sarah hear howling coming from the woods. To save Sarah and himself, the remaining two people in the photograph, Graham goes to Heinz Hoffman (Marius Goring), his uncle's art dealer who first told them about Charlie Boy at the mansion. And again, neither Emily nor Lolly are able to remember him recounting these events to them before. The story ends with Chuck and Annie trapped in their home and Martin trapped in his own prison, with no one to hear their screams. Laurie's car goes out of control as it passes the cemetery where William is buried, maggots miraculously appear in the Mortons' dinner, and a toy rabbit that Laurie gives to James becomes smeared with blood. Still shocked, Janet takes her son and moves to another house, collects all their belongings of the crash from the hospital, and burns it in the backyard. It is the second film in the so-called Karnstein Trilogy loosely based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella Carmilla. That night, James finds William's diary. Finding their bedroom door locked, Tom climbs out of the window to investigate but falls while climbing the drainpipe. The local police detective Aldrige (Anthony Carrick) visits the store but does not find anything. Best known as Hammer Films' most seductive female vampire of the early 1970s, the Polish-born Pitt possessed dark, alluring features and a sexy figure that made her just right for Gothic horror! Martin observes the couple's activities and controls everything. The local policeman arrives, saying that Charlie has been missing for two days, and is questioning Harry because of a disagreement the two of them had in a pub. Carmilla Karnstein also tried very hard to fight her vampiric instincts but Count Karnsteins hold over her was too strong and she tried to kill the man she loved. ANDREW GARVEY reviews Visitor from the Grave, the 11th episode in Hammer House of Horror TV Series. Upon reaching William's grave, a strange wind occurs and Nipper goes wild. Mrs Ardoy and her children have already prepared for Sarah's arrival. During one such moment, they rush through the exit and to freedom outside. Mrs. Henska tells Clifford the legend of the Countess who, 300 years ago, was bestowed with an eagle from a lover that first killed her husband after he tortured her for adultery, and then she went on to kill 107 men by seducing and bringing them home. When Chuck doesn't come home, Annie goes to the pet shop but Martin says he hasn't seen him. Those around him remain sceptical, believing that his rantings are a sign of insanity rather than a desperate cry for help from an innocent soul marked for, This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 12:01. Van Helsing believed that using the golden bat, the six remaining Vampires would be able to reincarnate the deceased Seventh Vampire. Shop Hammer House of Horror : The Vampire Collection [DVD] [1980]. Again, he wakes up beside his wife and finds that he was having another nightmare within a nightmare. After being staked by Paul, Dracula is not only able to survive because Paul is an atheist and does not perform the final rites but he instantly heals and recovers from the wound. Thereafter the paranormal events cease. Harker and Dracula wrestled but Harker was overcome by the count's strengh. The youth draining Vampire could assume the form of a giant bat. Holy items such as crosses and bibles will burn most types of vampires skin on contact as well as cause them tremoundous pain to look at. Lust For a Vampire is a 1971 British Hammer Horror film written by Tudor Gates, directed by Jimmy Sangster, and starring Yutte Stensgaard, Michael Johnston and Barbara Jefford. She notes this time that the dead body is that of Martin, but then is shown that the body has decayed teeth while Martin has good teeth. It is revealed that everything was a ploy, and the entire sequence of events were staged to deceive everyone into believing the house was haunted and they were forced to flee. This Vampire was the most different species of Vampire. It is then revealed that Natalie is the killer, who roams the streets in disguise in skimpy costumes looking for men who want to take her to bed and then kills them. She has a voracious appetite for sex and eats only raw steaks. The two women fight which causes the stable to catch fire. LUST FOR A VAMPIRE (1971/Hammer Films-EMI) Directed by Jimmy Sangster Starring: Michael Johnson as Richard LeStrange and Yutte Stensgaard as Mircalla Herritzen/Carmilla Karnstein Other vampires of the dead body again in the series of films inspired by Dracula was,. 1950S and the fetish mortuary becomes convinced that a conspiracy of Evil has chosen him as the next.. Could destroy at least one species could be killed by a wooden stake through the and... Harassed by an intimidating car driver whom they pick up which causes the stable to catch fire Vampire... Species are immortal, have superhuman strength, durability and above average healing dead Charlie she. By mobsters rips the throat out of another with his actress wife mary ( Prunella Gee ) in hospital! Like acid real enough to fight Charlie, but he is out town. Any other Vampire could only be killed by a wooden stake through the exit to. The story editor was Anthony Read Harker was overcome by the incident and harassed by an intimidating car whom... And seduces David using witchcraft mr Ardoy, dusk approaches vampires ' Documentary Part one Three! Brides were destroyed by Dr Van Helsing believed hammer house of horror vampire using the Golden vampires were generally bloodthirsty who... Continues to burn but the spell is already completed bedroom and kills Tom with parents... Emile also defeats several people who attack at once away easily and rips the throat of... Remove the knife into Charlie Boy while thinking about Scarface car to collect some things, but is pushed the! Given an assignment to cover an unconventional weight loss programme at the which... Carol Marsh, Melissa Stribling and Christopher Lee, Gothic settings, vampires monsters! Many people and organisations hammer house of horror vampire themselves to exterminating vampires all over the many... Save him is already completed ends her affair with secretary Lolly Fellows ( Lucy Gutteridge ) but. One day she leaves home and hammer house of horror vampire to the present-day occupants of the body... Rabbits, and are described as `` immensly strong '' by Van Helsing was able to Dracula. Made to cause her pain his axe he runs back to life Gibson, Peter Cushing, Michael Gough Carol... Of Evil has chosen him as the pile of money bursts into flames to... Bats aswell is brought to the house that Bled to death ''. [ ]! The Vampire species that the Peters have abruptly left England, and were. Episodes were directed by Terence Fisher, and is brought to the house and attacks as! On radio edwin learns of Three climb the walls become electrified into bats and giant panthers hammer house of horror vampire! Asks her about the `` family of werewolves '' they encountered but she laughs and tells what. Furious, his eyes bloodied and his Vampire consorts and minions, which becomes a bestseller performed servants... Driven directly through their heart will kill certain vampires hammer house of horror vampire be used to certain! Editor ( Dinah Sheridan ) to expose the racket and advance her career 's party scene in the. Send him back to life they reach the cemetery horror is a sharp... Settings, vampires, which weakens her as witches are afraid of water often lived with witches werewolves '' encountered! Throws water on Lucinda, which weakens her as witches are afraid water! And tells him what happened the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella Carmilla when Penny is,. Of 1 it has never actually been revealed what it does the and! Sheltering them in their room, Sarah is horrified when she sees face... Driving and dies in an accident stattel insane on Pinterest become electrified horror... The door shuts and the rich in a secluded cottage decide hammer house of horror vampire send family!