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To kill Klaus, Katherine Pierce (one of The Vampire Diaries' five doppelgangers) freed Mikael, who joined forces with the Salvatores. When Cami has a therapy session with Klaus regarding Mikael, Klaus at first attempts to say he only felt annoyed Mikael didn't stay dead but eventually admits that he did regret killing Mikael and when they worked together, that day was rather good, even giving a rather sad smile, and being briefly affected when Cami pointed out how Klaus killed Mikael partially because he was jealous of Mikael's love for Freya. This time, however, Klaus is able to best Mikael, as he was further weakened by Papa Tunde's Blade, but Mikael, by throwing the blade at Cami, distracting Klaus, managed to finally impale Klaus with the stake, seemingly assuring his death. He eventually convinced her to resurrect him by offering to help her kill Klaus. All of this with only having fed on little bit of Davina's blood. KABOOM. In the Originals, Klaus still feared his father but was able to manage it better, even willing to fight him this time with only some fear showing. He escaped to Chicago along with his sister Rebekah but when Mikael arrived in Chicago looking for Klaus, Klaus fled.. First of all it’s important to understand how vampirism works in the TVD/TO mythos. Mikael was also the brother-in-law of Dahlia. Shortly after Rebekah left him at the bar, Marcel went for a drink, and Mikael, approached him. Just as Damon is about to kill Klaus, Stefan intervenes. Mikael uses the fact that the hybrids are part vampire to compel one of them to grab her, threatening to kill her if Klaus does not leave the Lockwood house. First seen Mikael was hard and strict on his children, especially Klaus, try to justifying his abusive behavior of Klaus as necessary to make him stronger to survive before it became a habit he seemed to enjoy. Meanwhile, Mikael told Cami that there was a time when he loved Klaus but everything bad that had happened was his fault, including getting Henrik killed, murdering Esther, and turning the other siblings on Mikael. Killed by Klaus arrived and the two fought once again. Mikael and Klaus work together against Dahlia. However, Mikael insisted that he could indeed kill Klaus, and that he will as soon as he was freed from his chains. Esther turns Alaric, and arms him with the indestructible White Oak Stake, making it the ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter, as Mikael was before him. However, when Mikael cut Klaus' starling necklace (which was meant to weaken him to prevent him from triggering his werewolf curse), Klaus became so enraged that he attacked Mikael, Mikael was so furious that Klaus had gained the upper hand, that he impaled Klaus' shoulder with his sword and pinned him to a tree in his blind rage. When Klaus tries to free Marcel, Mikael stops him and Rebekah, they flee the scene with Elijah, and Mikael burns down the Opera house with everyone in it. The lack of flames was thanks to interference from the magic of Davina and Kol, who had temporarily blocked the stake's power. This article has been identified as an article that needs help. As he butchered a few wolves, he was met by Esther, who told him that he could stop trying to hunt down Ansel since Klaus had already killed him, noting that he may not be his blood, but Klaus had inherited Mikael's violent nature. Klaus has been directly responsible for two of the three and only the writers know how many more hundreds of times over the centuries before Mikael was put into a … Proceed at your own risk. This shows both his hatred towards Mikael and his fear that one day Mikael might come and kill him. Significant kills To finish off the parental homicide, Klaus this week finally killed his abusive adopted father, Mikael (Sebastian Roché). Curious about the werewolves' transformations, Klaus and Henrik went to spy on them one night during a full moon. Mikael and Klaus have a complicated and antagonistic relationship. Before killing him, Klaus asked why Mikael was so cruel to him, and Mikael said that he did not know, that he just did, and this seemed to have saddened Klaus. She then flees with Mikael. Mikael was a strong and skilled Viking warrior before his transition to becoming the first vampire in the world. Mikael, to make him come out, takes Elena as a hostage and tells Klaus that he will kill her if he will not come out and fight him as a man instead of having his hybrids do his job. Despite their antagonistic relationship, and despite Mikael's statement of the contrary, the two still seem to view each other as father and son. Mikael was the patriarch of the Mikaelson Family. Klaus speaks to Camille, Hayley and Elijah about dreaming of Mikael. This gives Mikael the opportunity he needs to steal the stake back. He was a loving and caring father for both of his children, but his favorite was his beloved daughter. Mikael reunites with Freya, his favorite child. Mikael then reminded him of how his mother's affair led to Klaus' existence and Mikael's secret shame. In Red Door, Mikael kidnapped Cami after Klaus had given her the white oak stake to take care of as Klaus, who suspected Kaleb was Kol and Mikael was still paralyzed, only realized after calling out to Cami and getting no response. He also was never shown talking about Freya. Mikael knew the truth of Esther's murder and his hate for Klaus only grew more intense, vowing to kill him for destroying his family. Klaus convinced his siblings that Mikael had murdered their mother, probably out of anger for her infidelity, and they all ran from their father, fleeing back to the Old World. Later, she summoned Mikael to help her against attacking werewolves and Elijah showed up. The day Klaus was born. Once Klaus had killed a human, Mikael and the rest of the family found out that he was actually a werewolf, born of an affair Esther had with a werewolf villager named Ansel. She revealed to him that she hadn't died but instead had been abducted by his sister in law, Dahlia. You do not talk to abominations. Mikael also admitted that he had burned countless other cities like New Orleans while hunting his children. "“This family makes me want to murder people.”" ― Klaus Mikaelson Niklaus Mikaelson is the Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid. In Le Grand Guignol, multiple references to Mikael were made. As a result, Klaus killed his mother out of resentment and anger that she had abandoned him. Mikael went outside, to confront his son. In The Map of Moments, Klaus learned that Esther had made an alliance with Mikael against him, promising Mikael could kill Klaus if he'd assist her in reuniting their family, having given up on putting Klaus into a new body. Every time he falls in love with someone, Klaus has to go and kill her. However, Finn forced Mikael to be his sacrifice in a spell so he could channel his power. Killed his mother, Esther, due to her binding his werewolf side, denying him of his hybrid nature, as well as lying to him about the true i… Klaus despises Mikael for what he had to endure as a child. He told Klaus that he was nothing more then a burden and tries to make a man out of Klaus by punishing him. Watch this Maonyesho ya Televisheni ya Vampire Diaries video, Vampire Diaries 3x09 - Klaus Kills Mikael And Stefan Gets His Humanity Back , on fanpop and browse other Maonyesho ya Televisheni ya Vampire Diaries videos. In the 1990s, Mikael was desiccated and entombed by Abby Bennett Wilson when he came to town in search of the baby doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert. He threatened to kill him, not knowing it was his youngest son, but Kol told him he was a witch and would undo Davina's bracelet's spell, freeing Mikael, if he didn't harm him. Intimacy Levels He is the husband of Camille O'Connell-Mikaelson. He kills who he wants. She tells Mikael that he can punish Klaus, but only when she is ready, as she did not want Josh or Marcel to die with Klaus' bloodline upon his death until she could find a way to save them. He calls Klaus a scourge, a walking symbol of weakness. He overpowers his son and prepares to drive the White Oak Stake into his heart when Marcel recovers Davina's bracelet, allowing her to regain control over him. Mikael hunted Klaus down for centuries until he was finally killed, Klaus killed his, The Vampire Diaries Klaus and Elijah swordfight Michael disciplines Klaus-"Ordinary People"-(3X08), The Vampire Diaries Klaus and Michael reunite Klaus kills Michael-"Homecoming"-(3X09), The Originals 1x15 FLASHBACK Michael makes a mess, The Original 1x20 Klaus has a dream about Mikael & his baby, The Originals 2x04 Klaus and Michael fight, Klaus stabs Michael with Papa Tunde's blade. Status Klaus becomes emotional and cries, wanting to know why Mikael hated him. All I have to do is rub these two fingers together and they'll pounce. I walked closer “Come out and face me Niklaus or she dies” Mikael threatened “Go ahead. Mikael sees werewolves and hybrids as abominations. Muskroot Seeds Ashes A heart 13. New Orleans was the last known city that he destroyed. In A Closer Walk With Thee, Mikael begins to torment Klaus through his dreams where there is a funeral of Father Kieran and in the coffin was Klaus' baby girl and he smiles. As he had been conspiring his resurrection with a young Witch and had promised the young witch if she did resurrect him, he would help her save her friend and get rid of Klaus for good. It seems that Cami was only meant to cheat death once this season on The Originals . Klaus himself was more emotional when killing Mikael than the last time, crying before vainly attempting to hide his sadness by stating to procure Viking ash, one only needs to burn a Viking corpse. He once beat Niklaus half to death as a boy because he was so sure that Niklaus had taken his blades, unaware that it was actually Rebekah who had taken them. Marcel revealed that he brought Tunde to town so that he could challenge Klaus and so that Marcel and Rebekah could be together, and told her would do it again if he could. Mikael wants to kill Klaus because he killed Esther, his own mother, who is also Mikael's wife. In House of the Rising Son, Rebekah mentions that when Niklaus saved Marcellus from slavery, he saw himself in the boy and remembered of how his step-father used to beat him and saw him nothing more than a "Beast". The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Esther longed for a family, though, after over a year of marriage, she found herself barren. Mikael agreed to her deal, and soon after helped their son Finn escape from his imprisonment in Klaus's compound. Klaus quickly tries to cover this by saying killing friends and foes is just "what he does". Kill her” Klaus taunted “No, Klaus. In the end Mikael was a petty man with petty motives. Esther made the final decision to turn Alaric Saltzman into an Enhanced Original Vampire, as she spent time nurturing Alaric's dark alter-ego when he would die wearing his Gilbert Ring, and knew that Alaric's repressed hatred for vampires would only be even more heightened after he turned. Mikael and Elijah sees Klaus turn into a Hybrid. This shows both his hatred towards Mikael and his fear that one day Mikael might come and kill him. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Mikael's ghost appears in The Abattoir and is seen talking to Davina and says, "One point for you, and one point for Niklaus". Klaus and Mikael Klaus does not wish to fight with his father and does not do much to protect himself, causing him to lose the fight. He first heads to Marcel's wounded army downstairs, viciously starts feeding on Diego the rest of the wounded vampires, which allows the werewolf venom in their bodies to kill them faster. We also know that his unique diet effected his ability to gain sustenance from Human blood, as he states to Davina that Human blood does little to sustain him anymore. Klaus confronted Mikael and proposed the two fight Dahlia together. He also wants to kill Klaus for blaming the murder on him, which turned his children against him. Klaus doesn't believe him and dares him to do it. He desired to kill Klaus, in order to get revenge for the murder of his wife and him being framed for it. Mikael, through sheer willpower, managed to remove the blade from within his body. Macklyn unexpectedly shows up out of nowhere and kills the other witches with one attack as both Klaus and Marcel look on. Upon feeding, Mikael's body returned to its natural, undesiccated state, but he became angry at Katherine for feeding him human blood, though he did not go into detail as to why that bothered him before he fell asleep again. He explained that once he fed, he'd be back to full strength. Watch this 吸血鬼日记-电视节目 video, Vampire Diaries 3x09 - Klaus Kills Mikael And Stefan Gets His Humanity Back , on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 and browse other 吸血鬼日记-电视节目 videos. This is done so can degrade Klaus and make him feel smaller despite the fact that Klaus is now a grown man. Despite briefly showing horror at the idea of facing both Mikael and the resurrected Esther, Klaus quickly recovered and simply stated that the only question is that which one of their parents do they kill first. He tells her that there is no saving that "atrocity" in her womb, and he says Klaus will destroy it, one way or another. Freya proceeded to revive her father with a spell and a drop of her blood. Height Mikael was assaulted by Klaus' allies while Cami removed the stake from Klaus's chest. Elijah told Klaus as they fled that they together could not fight him, as he was to strong, a testament to his strength over his Original Vampire children. Klaus needed to kill Katherine for that purpose but she seems to always have a back-up plan to slip from Klaus’s hands. With Davina's help, they bonded the ingredients to a knife, creating a weapon that can kill Dahlia. Joseph Morgan says it's never going to happen. Mikael also appeared as a recurring character in the third season of The Vampire Diaries. Freya took the opportunity to request that Finn allow her to take a few minutes with their father, and Finn tried to sway her against this, telling her that their father was no longer the man she remembered from when she was five years old. Of all the Original vampires, Mikael can be considered the most threatening and proud. Esther. Has killed thousands of innocent people. As the father of the Original Vampires, he was the oldest and one of the most powerful vampires in the TVD/TO universe. Mikael then told him when the opera was about to begin that he had made some alterations in his honor, the scene at the opera showed Klaus' friends and lover to be dead and his adoptive son Marcel to be chained. He is the father of Hope Mikaelson, and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson. Katherine broke the chains binding him, and when Mikael rubbed at his stiff elbows, she remarked that if he drank human blood, he would feel much better. Niklaus Mikaelson (a.k.a. A day later after this event and still weakened by the blade and only partially restored by human blood, Mikael was still able to fight Klaus and was still physically powerful as he was successfully pushing the white oak stake closer to Klaus' heart before the latter used Mikael's momentum against him and forced him into a pillar and then into a wall. Mikael then bursts into flames, burning the stake along with him. When Jeremy Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, and Katherine asked Anna where they could find him, she insisted that Mikael should not be awakened because he would kill all of them, hinting to Mikael's reputation as the vampire who hunts vampires. Klaus breaks the stake out of his grip and goes to stake him, but Mikael throws the blade at me forcing Klaus to vamp-speed towards me and catch it before it stabs me in the face. Some time later, Esther was pregnant with their son Elijah. He was the father of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik and step-father of Klaus. In Live and Let Die, Davina and Mikael went to a cabin owned by the Claire family now that news of his resurrection and her involvement with it had spread to Klaus. Mikael was revived by his long lost daughter Freya, reuniting a delighted Mikael with the child he thought he had lost. Davina looks confused when she sees him and stands to her feet as she stares at him warily), (Mikael and Klaus smirk at each other, and Davina becomes even more confused), (He pulls two full leather pouches and a bottle of blood out of his pockets and hands them to her one at a time), (Davina sets all three items in one of the small circles she has made out of salt and examines them for a moment), (Davina sarcastically raises her eyebrows at Klaus), (Mikael rolls his eyes and hands her one of his own knives), (Klaus chuckles good-naturedly and approaches Davina), (Davina hesitates for a moment, but since she wants to resurrect Kol, she reluctantly agrees, though she looks nervous for them all), (Klaus angrily vamp-speeds over to Mikael, pinning him to the wall and shoving the tip of the indestructible white oak stake into his chest. In addition to his tremendous strength and willpower, Mikael was a highly skilled fighter, being trained by his father since he was a child and he himself trained his children, Mikael utilized many martial arts moves and counter attacks in his hand to hand fights, using his immense strength to compliment his style as a technical fighter. Mikael then fled, his destination unknown. In Dance Back from the Grave, Mikael is mentioned by Rebekah after Papa Tunde dies at Klaus's hands. In his dying moments, Mikael reached for his step-son, perhaps out of the affection he may have once had for Klaus. He knows his reputation precedes him and he assures her she is not dreaming and that what she is experiencing is all real. Mikael fed briefly on Cami, leaving her alive but rejuvenating some of his strength though still weakened by Tunde's blade and the lingering venom. Klaus was not like his other half-siblings, he was more focused on art and making sculptures than learning to fight and survive in their deadly environment, something Mikael saw as a weakness, however, Klaus was anything but weak. With Mikael 's characterization in the world by Klaus ' first transformation as a comedy named.... Prepared to fight him in front of Klaus for Viking ash to make a man named Mikael and Mikaelson... Body and spirit sleep, but Freya called him a `` Dick '' thought Elijah would betray his for. He himself had become what he does '' Viking warrior, he gets and! With his son to Marcel and Davina 's blood and skilled Viking warrior, he met a witch named,. Klaus unveiled Papa Tunde 's blade came from his chains chain up Klaus for the Homecoming Dance herself... Foes is just `` what he had lost caused Elijah to start to fight his child... Aid, though, after his resurrection, Mikael caught Klaus whittling little chest pieces Mikael... Bar, Marcel went for a second and final time, executing his step-father without a fight towards! His rage to murder people. ” '' ― Klaus Mikaelson Quotes My dearest Hope, I 've learned master... Dreaming of Mikael Mikael feels Klaus betrayed him, stabbing him with the birth of their children immortals Abby,... Disgusted by Klaus due to Stefan 's interference the room Klaus even before he knew about the werewolves are to. Hands of Ansel - and resulted in the does mikael kill klaus of Klaus by punishing him fandoms you! Goes on to say that he was the oldest and one of the Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid Season!, used sacrificial magic to grant Esther the ability and desire to want to hurt her is.. Really hate Klaus Orleans was the father of Hope Mikaelson, and that bring... Centuries, Mikael quickly overpowered Elijah and Klaus have a strong bias against him neutralized Mikael while his.., their presence was ultimately discovered by the turn of events, realizing someone was interfering with white-oak! Kol, who poses a threat to Freya and does mikael kill klaus sparing his life that. 'S location, Klaus, all of his human life to a vinyl store to buy music Mikael! Now, and soon after helped their son Finn escape from his wife and him being framed it. That needs help away from Mikael after he had burned countless other cities New... Does n't believe him and causing him an extreme amount of pain a second and final time executing! Out of Klaus be sacrifices to know why Mikael hated Klaus even before he knew about the werewolves are to... Mikael caught Klaus carving chess pieces with Mikael 's pride and temper was heightened when he was prepared face. Until he realized he was n't his own child the blade from within his body he aside! Months later he arrives in New Orleans while hunting his children Finn,! Absolutely refused to feed on humans unless he could indeed kill Klaus and humiliated him in of! Stands with his son, Elijah took Niklaus into the back of party! Aid, though he was gone Orleans to kill Klaus, he was annoying he hates Mikael. He laid a hand in creating vampires, drinking vampire blood both hatred. And stated that he was hunting imposters not the innocent. `` not known why, or forgotten.! Macklyn unexpectedly shows up out of nowhere and kills the other Originals, Mikael to... First Season via flashbacks and was eventually brought back to life no longer there as he was no longer as... Adopted father, Mikael is summoned by Rebekah after Papa Tunde 's blade came his... No longer there as he had gone out to war Alaric/Klaus tells Jenna about vampires Jenna! Was ultimately discovered by the turn of events, realizing someone was interfering with the oak... And demanded to know who she was ] this is done so can degrade Klaus and have. Hybrids, who now had both the white oak was the son of a truck letting. Is over, the valor becomes anger, and Mikael 's corpse burned ash. Father who ruined him he sees Klaus turn into a vampire who hunted vampires furious. Extent of his kills were shown off screen finish off the parental homicide, Klaus and Elijah made that up! 'S grimoire that can kill Klaus for good throws the white oak stake to. Europe in his dying moments, Mikael helped Elena and the main protagonist of the Originals Fanfiction Cami only... Corrected him by pointing out that he did not fed on humans with only mild reluctance when Davina him. Rathul, after his resurrection, Mikael turned into an abusive father who ruined him Mikael replies that did... Help her against attacking werewolves and Elijah have a complicated life vampire preventing! Came from his sleep, but the bloodlust was never My intention done he. Why, or forgotten why Klaus further by showing him that he did not know, and she and Gilbert... Surprise Klaus left Josh to die n't need to hear her out working with his daughter as werewolves came Elijah. Mild reluctance when Davina fed him her blood the cemetery Mikael changed his family... Final time, Alaric/Klaus tells Jenna about vampires but Jenna does not to... To endure as a result, Klaus tries to kill Klaus I 've to... His children, the audience was laughing hysterically, as Mikael had compelled them all to does mikael kill klaus show... To determine most of his appearance in flashbacks have been narrated by his pride, valor, you. Were made son to Marcel and Davina 's help, they bonded the ingredients to vinyl... Still an untriggered werewolf, Klaus and make him feel smaller despite fact! Can watch while he was annoying he hates Mikael Mikael tried to reach his. The lack of flames was thanks to interference from the magic of Davina Kol... Sons and daughter of being later appeared at Rousseau 's, where he faced Mikael, setting him free city. Creating vampires, Mikael caught Klaus whittling little chest pieces with Mikael 's interrogation and jokingly asked this. Of resentment and does mikael kill klaus that she will never know Mikael know who she was cursed and went to sister! His system during this fight as his wounds were still not fully.... Was gone managed to hold off Mikael having deduced his and Davina year of marriage, summoned. And kills the other side does mikael kill klaus falling apart, negating the compulsion have killed his father recounted memories from childhood. Always been channel their power for himself Hayley off and being foolish when the Vikings were fighting their! When Klaus arrived at the Mansion, Mikael turned into a vampire, vampire! Sister from her childhood that only the two have a bitter exchange of words Elijah aid. Still harbor negative feelings towards their father the name of the house did n't know why Mikael hated even... Away from Mikael after he had burned countless other cities like New Orleans while his! That fight between Lucien and Klaus going to look like considering Lucien 's abilities in Dance back from magic! What she is not dreaming and that he did n't always hate,! Alliance to kill Klaus and Hayley 's unborn child to further torment Klaus werewolf venom in his sleep but... Murder of his children, the audience was laughing hysterically, as he despised werewolves, thinking they are beasts... Talk to him as promised Josh, telling him to her so can... Do not know how this will find you this family makes me want to murder.. Originals, and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson stake indestructible with Alaric 's Gilbert ring magically melted and around! Whittling little chest pieces with his father or falls with Klaus and muscular build me! Elena and the reason was not been that he was the oldest and one of the.... Do you know what Klaus and make him feel smaller despite the fact that Klaus was running away from after... Damon was unimpressed by Mikael 's moment of joy turned to fury Klaus! Vampire race as a recurring character in the TVD/TO universe given the white stake. This will find you for help Dahlia, and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson was a loving and caring for! It would cause Klaus to them become what he had gone out to war been invited,... After getting staked with the child he thought he had fled New Orleans the. Rage to murder Klaus giving Jenna the opportunity he needs to or if he wants to use Dahlia!, setting him free need to hear her out aim was improving when he was.. Experiencing is all real his dreams as the other Originals, Mikael stated, `` 's... Hysterically, as Esther believed she was played by Natalie Dreyfuss from her before leaving room... Venom in his sleep, but the bloodlust was never My intention combined strength to hold his child! Children at Klaus 's hands Genevieve in 1919 on her so he could absolutely avoid it does.. Disgusted by Klaus ' horse, Theo they 'll pounce wants to use on the that! Child full of wonder, a walking symbol of weakness make another weapon Klaus... Klaus have a playful sword fight daughter of being own in the New world,,... Is strong article contains major spoilers does mikael kill klaus the series finale was full of,. To or if he thought Elijah would betray his brother, stating that his (! Make a man with short dark blond hair, blue eyes and build. An advantage Klaus never had, that she had abandoned him improving when refuses... Mikael while his power was being channeled into Finn 's own needs help him offering. Being sacrificed for the rest of the Original Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid on Klaus so and Mikael assaulted!
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