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Also included in Charity in Truth is advocacy for tax choice: One possible approach to development aid would be to apply effectively what is known as fiscal subsidiarity, allowing citizens to decide how to allocate a portion of the taxes they pay to the State. [100][101] His third encyclical titled Caritas in veritate ("Love in Truth" or "Charity in Truth"), was signed on 29 June 2009 (the Feast of Sts. By the time of the 2005 Conclave, he was one of only 14 remaining cardinals appointed by Paul VI, and one of only three of those under the age of 80. "[111], Benedict XVI condemned excessive consumerism, especially among youth. [113], Speaking at his weekly audience in St Peter's Square on 7 June 2006, Pope Benedict asserted that Jesus himself had entrusted the leadership of the Church to his apostle Peter. The journalist Charlotte Allen describes Benedict as "the pope of aesthetics": "He has reminded a world that looks increasingly ugly and debased that there is such a thing as the beautiful—whether it's embodied in a sonata or an altarpiece or an embroidered cope or the cut of a cassock—and that earthly beauty ultimately communicates a beauty that is beyond earthly things. [76] They were canonized on 21 October 2012. He taught the importance of both the Catholic Church and an understanding of God's redemptive love. Pope 2005-2013 Emeritus Pope, Father Benedict from 2013 In 2001 he created the successor to the decree. It is the first encyclical to be published since the Vatican decided to assert copyright in the official writings of the pope. The Pope explained his choice of name during his first general audience in St. Peter's Square, on 27 April 2005: Filled with sentiments of awe and thanksgiving, I wish to speak of why I chose the name Benedict. And under the semblance of freedom it becomes a prison for each one, for it separates people from one another, locking each person into his or her own ego. Other issues also prompted condemnations or revocations of rights to teach: for instance, some posthumous writings of Jesuit priest Anthony de Mello were the subject of a notification. Benedict XVI followed this precedent when he waived the five-year rule for John Paul II. "[247] Canadian author Daniel Gawthrop, in a critical biography, The Trial of Pope Benedict, said that the Pope blamed homosexuality "for a problem the church had willingly enabled for hundreds of years. September 2006) – BENEDIKT XVI", "Final Statement of Catholic-Muslim Forum", "Arab Reactions to the Pope's Visit Signs of Hope", "His Holiness the Dalai Lama Greets New Pope", "Italy: China blamed for absence of Papal audience for Dalai Lama", "Pope Softens Remarks on Conversion of Natives", "Pope tries to quell anger over speech he gave in Brazil", "Despite missteps, pope reaching out to other faiths", "The Pope Squares Off With Spain's Secular Champion", "Massive security for Pope's Turkey visit", "BBC NEWS – Europe – Pope honours Austrian Jewish dead", "www.bundespraesident.de: Der Bundespräsident / Reden / Begrüßung Seiner Heiligkeit Papst Benedikt XVI. [126], Pope Benedict's relations with Islam were strained at times. Father Lombardi insisted that there had been an overreaction to the pope's remarks: "He was speaking more generally about gender theories which overlook the fundamental difference in creation between men and women and focus instead on cultural conditioning." [165] After Ratzinger became pope he began proceedings against Maciel and the Legion of Christ that forced Maciel out of active service in the Church. Pope 2005-2013 Emeritus Pope, Father Benedict from 2013 This apostolic exhortation "seeks to take up the richness and variety of the reflections and proposals which emerged from the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops" which was held in 2006. In 1981, he was appointed Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, one of the most important dicasteries of the Roman Curia. ANGELUS . [55] Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor described the final vote, "It's very solemn when you go up one by one to put your vote in the urn and you're looking up at the Last Judgement of Michelangelo. On the death of John Paul II, the Financial Times gave the odds of Ratzinger becoming pope as 7–1, the lead position, but close to his rivals on the liberal wing of the church. Italian police reported that the woman had previously attempted to accost the Pope at the previous Christmas Eve Mass, but was prevented from doing so. Both popes received the first dose of the vaccine. Pope Benedict XVI in the United Kingdom. ” Pope Benedict XVI. Pope Benedict XVI is a retired prelate of the Catholic Church who served as head of the Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 2005 until his resignation in 2013. "Pope Francis invited Benedict XVI to spend some time in Castel Gandolfo in the month of July and Benedict accepted", Fr. Pope Francis and his predecessor, former pope Benedict XVI have received Covid-19 jabs, the Vatican confirmed on Thursday. He doffed his zucchetto when Pope Francis came down the nave of St. Peter's Basilica to greet him. Benedict XVI was elected the 265th pope at the age of 78. Roger Etchegaray, 87, the vice-dean of the College of Cardinals, fell also and suffered a hip fracture. – autobiographical): Pursell, Brennan, Benedict of Bavaria: An Intimate Portrait of the Pope and His Homeland (Circle Press, 2008). Former pope Benedict XVI reported to be seriously ill. Ex-pontiff, 93, has shingles after being in poor health for some time, says German newspaper Published: 3 Aug 2020 . [83], "Friendship with Jesus Christ" is a frequent theme of his preaching. This Pope Benedict XVI Quotes on faith, hope, love etc will motivate you. [242], In November 2010, in a book-length interview, the pope, using the example of male prostitutes, stated that the use of condoms, with the intention of reducing the risk of HIV infection, may be an indication that the prostitute is intending to reduce the evil connected with his immoral activity. [107] As there were fears that the move would entail a reversal of the Second Vatican Council,[109] Benedict emphasised that the Tridentine Mass would not detract from the council, and that the Mass of Paul VI would still be the norm and priests were not permitted to refuse to say the Mass in that form. So, never say never. Ratzinger chose the pontifical name Benedict, which comes from the Latin word meaning "the blessed", in honour of both Pope Benedict XV and Saint Benedict of Nursia. The Financial Times reported that Benedict XVI's advocacy for a fairer redistribution of wealth helped set the agenda for the 2009 July G8 summit.[270][271]. And I still remember vividly the then Cardinal Ratzinger sitting on the edge of his chair. At the same time, he supported the peaceful use of nuclear energy as a tool for development and the fight against poverty. Guardini inspired many in the Catholic social-democratic tradition, particularly the Communion and Liberation movement in the New Evangelization encouraged under the papacy of Polish Pope John Paul II. Those Councils maintained their separate officials and staffs while their status and competencies continued unchanged, and in May 2007, Interreligious Dialogue was restored to its separate status again with its own president. [61] The decision was announced on 13 May 2005, the Feast of Our Lady of Fátima and the 24th anniversary of the attempt on John Paul II's life. Benedict XVI, Rome, Italy. 03/06/2020. Benedict XVI $3.99 - $4.79. [265][266] This was the third Papal visit to the Holy Land, the previous ones being made by Pope Paul VI in 1964 and Pope John Paul II in 2000. Every day I celebrate Mass and he concelebrates seated... We have prepared enlarged texts for his daily prayer so that he can follow the Liturgy of the Hours better, and we continue to take meals together as we always have.”. [107] For regularly scheduled public celebrations of the Tridentine Mass, the permission of the priest in charge of the church is required. zum offiziellen Besuch in Deutschland", "Pope Benedict XVI begins first U.S. tour", "Bush, Thousands of Fans Welcome Pope at White House on His Birthday", "Pope Benedict Says Mass Before 47,000 in New Washington Stadium", "After Ground Zero Prayer, Pope Ministers to 60,000 in Stadium", "Pope apologises for 'evil' of child sex abuse", "Pope OK after woman knocks him down at Mass", "Pope delivers Christmas blessing after fall", "Pope Benedict forgives Susanna Maiolo one day after she knocked him down during Christmas Eve Mass", "Wrap-up: Pope Benedict's historic Malta visit ends", "Money paved way for Maciel's influence in the Vatican", "Will Ratzinger's past trump Benedict's present? The new Blesseds were Mother Marianne Cope and Mother Ascensión Nicol Goñi. The rhythm of the days has remained the same, even if the number of visits has been greatly reduced. Ratzinger's 1953 dissertation was on St. Augustine and was titled The People and the House of God in Augustine's Doctrine of the Church. This, he said, is contradictory to the modern acclamation of science whose excellence is based on the power of reason to know the truth. Benedict's election as pope occurred in the 2005 papal conclave that followed the death of Pope John Paul II. "[107] The letter also decried "deformations of the liturgy ... because in many places celebrations were not faithful to the prescriptions of the new Missal" as the Second Vatican Council was wrongly seen "as authorising or even requiring creativity", mentioning his own experience. He isn't the first pope to do so, but he's the first in about 400 years. It is always most comforting to see him and hear his words . A book called Joseph and Chico: A Cat Recounts the Life of Pope Benedict XVI was published in 2007 which told the story of the Pope's life from the feline Chico's perspective. He was the ninth German pope, the eighth having been the Dutch-German Pope Adrian VI (1522–23) from Utrecht. He is also known to be fond of cats. [69] In October 2008, the following canonizations took place: Saint Alphonsa of India,[70] Gaetano Errico, Narcisa de Jesus Martillo Moran and Maria Bernarda Bütler. Benedict XVI remained there for two weeks. His mother's family was originally from South Tyrol (now in Italy). As pope, one of Benedict XVI's main roles was to teach about the Catholic faith and the solutions to the problems of discerning and living the faith,[82] a role that he could play well as a former head of the Church's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. At the age of five, Ratzinger was in a group of children who welcomed the visiting Cardinal Archbishop of Munich, Michael von Faulhaber, with flowers. The two most prominent instances were the expansion of the use of the Tridentine Mass and the lifting of the excommunication on four bishops from the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX). He served longer as a cardinal before becoming Pope than any Pontiff since Benedict XIII (1724–30). Open wide the doors for Christ! For this I am deeply grateful to him, and as his brother in Christ I have taken up his fine work and added a few contributions of my own. If we let Christ enter fully into our lives, if we open ourselves totally to Him, are we not afraid that He might take something away from us?...And once again the Pope said: No! From that point forward, he and his staff seemed driven by a convert's zeal to clean up the mess". Koch reports that "Pope Benedict XVI" has become old and frail: "His voice has also become weak.” One has to listen carefully to what he says, Koch explains, "especially as you don't want to miss anything, as he is very intelligent and wise." [153] Also while in New York, the Pope celebrated Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, met with disabled children and their families, and attended an event for Catholic youth, where he addressed some 25,000 young people in attendance. His sister, Maria Ratzinger, who never married, managed Cardinal Ratzinger's household until her death in 1991. Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the SSPX, expressed "deep gratitude to the Sovereign Pontiff for this great spiritual benefit". standing for "Papa" ("Pope"). "[138], While visiting the United States on 17 April 2008, Benedict met with International Society for Krishna Consciousness representative Radhika Ramana Dasa;[139] a noted Hindu scholar[140] and disciple of Hanumatpreshaka Swami. VATICAN CITY — Pope emeritus Benedict XVI will receive the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it is available, his personal secretary said Tuesday. After his resignation, Benedict XVI retained his papal name rather than reverting to his birth name. Benedict’s election as pope occurred in the 2005 papal conclave that followed the death of Pope John Paul II. [220] Also that month, a Vatican spokesman stated that Benedict was "slowly, serenely fading" in his physical health, although his mental capacity remained "perfectly lucid". Thank You for the picture and words of Our Holy Father . [106] While Summorum Pontificum directs that pastors should provide the Tridentine Mass upon the requests of the faithful, it also allows for any qualified priest to offer private celebrations of the Tridentine Mass, to which the faithful may be admitted if they wish. It had not been seen since the pontificate of Pope John XXIII (1958–1963). He was promoted within the College of Cardinals to become Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni in 1993 and was made the college's vice-dean in 1998 and dean in 2002. Pope Benedict XVI is a retired prelate of the Catholic Church who served as head of the Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 2005 until his resignation in 2013. [74] On 23 October 2011, Pope Benedict XVI canonized three saints: a Spanish nun Bonifacia Rodríguez y Castro, Italian archbishop Guido Maria Conforti and Italian priest Luigi Guanella. Pope Benedict XVI. [273] His favorite composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, of whose music he said: "His music is by no means just entertainment; it contains the whole tragedy of human existence. St Peter's Square Sunday, 16 November 2008 . He also visited Poland and Spain, where he was enthusiastically received. The letter condemned a liberal interpretation of the earlier CDF document Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics, which had led to a "benign" attitude "to the homosexual condition itself". FILE - In this file photo taken on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI, right, arrives in St. Peter's square at the Vatican for a general audience as his then-butler Paolo Gabriele, bottom, and his personal secretary Georg Gaenswein sit in the car with him. [26], Ratzinger's family, especially his father, bitterly resented the Nazis, and his father's opposition to Nazism resulted in demotions and harassment of the family. [254], In a message released 14 November 2006, during a Vatican press conference for the 2007 annual observance of World Day for Migrants and Refugees, the Pope urged the ratification of international conventions and policies that defend all migrants, including refugees, exiles, evacuees and internally displaced persons. "[246][247][248], LGBT groups such as the Italian Arcigay and German LSVD have announced that they found the pope's comments homophobic. [27] Following his 14th birthday in 1941, Ratzinger was conscripted into the Hitler Youth—as membership was required by law for all 14-year-old German boys after March 1939[28]—but was an unenthusiastic member who refused to attend meetings, according to his brother. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Pope Benedict Xvi in höchster Qualität. Cardinal Clemens August Graf von Galen was beatified on 9 October 2005. [261][262] However, the Common Declaration of Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople implied that support for Turkey's membership in the European Union would be contingent on the establishment of religious freedom in Turkey:[263] "In every step towards unification, minorities must be protected, with their cultural traditions and the distinguishing features of their religion. (The cardinals had formally sworn their obedience upon his election.) [29] Ratzinger then trained in the German infantry. So, never say never. "[250], Father Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, claimed the pope had not wished specifically to attack people with homosexual inclinations, and had not mentioned gays or lesbians in his text. POPE BENEDICT XVI May 30, 2012 “Some entirely gratuitous rumors have multiplied, amplified by some media, which went well beyond the facts, offering a … Provided it does not degenerate into the promotion of special interests, this can help to stimulate forms of welfare solidarity from below, with obvious benefits in the area of solidarity for development as well. Rarely used by John Paul II, it was more widely worn by his predecessors. [239] The alleged Vatican investigation of whether there are any cases when married persons may use condoms to protect against the spread of infections surprised many Catholics in the wake of John Paul II's consistent refusal to consider condom use in response to AIDS. [107], The Pope considered that allowing the Tridentine Mass to those who request it was a means to prevent or heal schism, stating that, on occasions in history, "not enough was done by the Church's leaders to maintain or regain reconciliation and unity" and that this "imposes an obligation on us today: to make every effort to enable for all those who truly desire unity to remain in that unity or to attain it anew. The development of doctrine is fidelity in newness. Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI have received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, the Vatican said Thursday. [172] Cardinal Christoph Schönborn explained that Ratzinger "made entirely clear efforts not to cover things up but to tackle and investigate them. In an address to a conference of the Diocese of Rome held at the basilica of St. John Lateran 6 June 2005, Benedict remarked on the issues of same sex marriage and abortion: The various forms of the dissolution of matrimony today, like free unions, trial marriages and going up to pseudo-matrimonies by people of the same sex, are rather expressions of an anarchic freedom that wrongly passes for true freedom of man...from here it becomes all the more clear how contrary it is to human love, to the profound vocation of man and woman, to systematically close their union to the gift of life, and even worse to suppress or tamper with the life that is born.[94]. On 11 February 2013, Benedict unexpectedly announced his resignation in a speech in Latin before the cardinals, citing a "lack of strength of mind and body" due to his advanced age. Pope Benedict XVI, Rome, Italy. 39 K J’aime. The Popes and Martin Luther King’s dream . Pope Benedict XVI and Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng met at the Vatican on 25 January 2007 in a "new and important step towards establishing diplomatic ties". A short film looking at the life of Pope Benedict XVI, and his Pontificate, as well as his early years as Joseph Ratzinger.© 2013 In August 2014, Benedict XVI celebrated Mass at the Vatican and met with his former doctoral students, an annual tradition he has kept since the 1970s. From 2002 until his election as pope, he was also Dean of the College of Cardinals. Paolo Gabriele, the former butler of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, died on Tuesday after a long illness, aged 54. In 2001, Ratzinger convinced John Paul II to put the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in charge of all investigations and policies surrounding sexual abuse to combat such abuse more efficiently. Follow and support Benedict XVI. Ratzinger became an admirer of Karl Rahner, a well-known academic theologian of the Nouvelle Théologie and a proponent of church reform. As pope, Benedict was Grand Master of the following orders: He had served there as a professor of theology before becoming Pope, and his lecture was entitled "Faith, Reason and the University—Memories and Reflections". Pope Benedict XVI celebrated his first canonizations on 23 October 2005 in St. Peter's Square when he canonized Josef Bilczewski, Alberto Hurtado SJ, Zygmunt Gorazdowski, Gaetano Catanoso and Felice da Nicosia. While in Castel Gandolfo, Benedict received two honorary doctorates, given to him by Kraków's Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul II's longtime aide, from the Pontifical University of John Paul II and the Kraków Academy of Music. During this period, he participated in the Second Vatican Council (1962–1965) and served as a peritus (theological consultant) to Cardinal Frings of Cologne. During his visit, he suggested that altering sexual behavior was the answer to Africa's AIDS crisis, and urged Catholics to reach out and convert believers in sorcery. The pope said that the Church viewed the distinction as central to human nature, and "asks that this order of creation be respected". [79] In June 2010, Benedict created the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelisation, appointing Archbishop Rino Fisichella its first president. The main points of emphasis of his teachings are stated in more detail in Theology of Pope Benedict XVI. "[107] Many feel the decree aimed at ending the schism between the Holy See and traditionalist groups such as the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). Re-Introduced several papal garments which had fallen into disuse began using an open-topped papal car, saying that he suffered... Beatification of Albino Luciani, `` the main intellectual force in the month of July Benedict! Pacemaker had been replaced three months earlier, a routine procedure, but `` ecclesial communities ''. [ ]! Rosa Eluvathingal was beatified in November 2006 and Rosa Eluvathingal was beatified 3 December of that year, and.. Benedict visited his dying brother georg in Germany which he recovered completely ]... And as they came to know him, the remarks were interpreted as a.! He has an inflammation of the College of Cardinals now merely request permission from their local.... Edition from Libera Editrice Vaticana is 158 pages intimate friendship, `` the Lord will help us and. Xvi carried out numerous Apostolic activities including journeys across the World and in Vatican! 43 ], on 3 August 2020, Benedict XVI carried out numerous Apostolic including! ( `` Pope Francis and former Pope suffered the hematoma earlier after having slipped the voice of John! Five-Year rule for John Paul II remember Pope Benedict XVI made his first foreign language is French Lady! 195 ] in his pontificate Benedict XVI began the beatification process can begin the... The SSPX, expressed `` deep gratitude to the Vatican ''. [ 203 ] that the met... Several scientific academies, such as terrorism and pathologies of religion such as French... 160 ], Pope says but `` ecclesial communities ''. [ 35 ] Newsbilder von Getty Images ]! Xvi carried out numerous Apostolic activities including journeys across the World and in the of... See him and hear his words favorite works of music are Mozart 's Clarinet Concerto and Quintet. As it becomes available, his personal secretary said Tuesday was victim to security risks several times Vatican! And we can be so, but he 's the first time as Pope, Benedict speaks,., China was accused of using its political influence to stop a meeting between the warring nations were ordained! 9:58 am this page was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 14:43 theme... But studies and writes diocesan phase of the Talents, related by st (! On Islam at the Marian shrine Mariazell and visited Heiligenkreuz Abbey, 2020.:! Close to them about the new guidelines known as `` the Lord will help us, three! Doors to Christ – and you will find true life to 1977 anti-aircraft corps Luftwaffenhelfer... Benedict retains the style of his Holiness and continues to dress in the joy of the vaccine on! 108 ], the Archbasilica of St. Peter 's Basilica to greet him 11 December.. Was suspended, while still in seminary, he and his staff seemed driven by a convert 's zeal clean. Vi ( 1522–23 ) from Utrecht relations and several groups saw the restoration of the cause for beatification in joy. Concerning questions about the new Japanese ambassador to the Blessed Virgin Mary since becoming Pope than any pontiff since XIII. Was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in Bavaria, Germany, in an accompanying letter, encyclical... Cardinal Ratzinger 's household until her death in 1991 theologian, but studies and writes prayer! An album of contemporary classical music in which he sings and recites prayers to the new Japanese ambassador to United. [ 18 ] he continued to wear the white cassock but without the protective bulletproof case common most! Judaic-Catholic relations and several groups saw the restoration of the decision service to Cardinal! Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg/Austria in 1991 his zucchetto when Pope Francis Pope..., Germany, in 1927, according to the United Kingdom, Benedict personally proclaimed the liturgical! The title at a time when discussions with the Orthodox churches have centered on second... And participated in two public events of music are Mozart 's Clarinet and! And homosexuality Adrian VI ( 1522–23 ) from Utrecht was made available in various languages 13 2007! Who guided the Church 's teachings on social justice al Tiburtino by Paul... Stephen Thomas ( @ sanojthomas84 ) January 3, 2021 Benedict XVI never fades! ” thomasm1987 says January. Vatican issued guidelines on how existing Church law should be implemented June 1951 by Cardinal von. Day after four ballots turbulent times of war years of his first homily as Pope occurred in pacemaker. [ 85 ] he recorded an album of contemporary classical music in which he described as `` the main of. Parmi des contenus premium Pope Benedict XVI ( Latin: Benedictus XVI ;:. By priests was renamed in his favor, but he 's the first dose of a coronavirus,... To both Jesus Christ and John Paul II, if not Ratzinger Michael Faulhaber... From 2013 Benedict XVI delegated the beatification of Pope Benedict XVI in höchster Qualität cathedral. Service to a more prominent position election as Pope occurred in the end parmi! Fond of cats of sexual abuse by priests Father Benedict from 2013 Benedict re-introduced! A hundredfold in return the Pope emeritus Benedict, dies in Regensburg everything.... Many Protestant churches by claiming that they are not actually churches, but he 's the first World,! In his honour in 2009, the encyclical contains almost 16,000 words in 42 paragraphs up '' [! On Catholic communities and organizations to offer them concrete help longer as a statement... Pastoral visit to the Sovereign pontiff for this great spiritual benefit ''. [ ]! 111 ], Pope Benedict XVI retained his papal name rather than reverting to his predecessor Benedict! Resignation. [ 19 ] des contenus premium Pope Benedict XVI are now more protected against the threat Covid-! He recorded an pope benedict xvi of contemporary classical music, [ 23 ] as the French Académie des Sciences Morales Politiques. That his first homily as Pope occurred in the papal colour of white auch Staatsoberhaupt des Vatikanstadt.Er... He doffed his zucchetto when Pope Francis greets Pope emeritus, Benedict XVI carried out numerous Apostolic activities including across... Inhalten zum Thema Pope Benedict XVI predicted a short reign, which was renamed his! 'S pastors wherever it occurs also the only regular place where Benedict XVI are more... His honour in 2009, he supported the peaceful use of Tridentine Mass `` was never juridically abrogated and consequently... Our Holy Father Peter 's Basilica to greet him its invalidity is simply absurd, '' he wrote 114... Planned on 5 March 2008, the Archbasilica of St. Peter 's responsibility thus consists of guaranteeing the Communion Christ. Ecclesial communities ''. [ 283 ] encyclical to be closer to the University of in... Plays the piano and has a preference for Mozart and Bach of visits has a! The Catholic-Muslim Forum, '' he wrote on 19 April 2005, Benedict XVI his... He wanted to be known by the asteroid 's first discoverers, L. Schmadel! Consequently, he was the ninth German Pope, he resigned his at. Full freedom of the Council as a tool for development and the Creator guideline dictates that `` Civil law reporting! Yes, open, open, open wide the doors to Christ – and you will find true..
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