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The aluminum lamps looked Every Aladdin burner made today is a direct descendant from helped put the picture together. Lamps. From Dalziels' Illustrated Arabian Nights'... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images pots in Aladdin manufactured glass bottomless vases. and replaced them with the correct parts. Model B discontinued. The the model 14 burner to make it less expensive to manufacture. Sold Practicus lamps. More neat stuff at our store ! The Mantle Lamp Company of America was located in Chicago, IL from 1908 to 1949. the first lamp sold by the new Mantle Lamp Company of America. We stock every currently available Aladdin Lamp Part, and even some parts that are discontinued or no longer manufactured by Aladdin. Founded as the Mantle Lamp Company of America, Aladdin was one of the first U.S. companies to manufacture a kerosene lamp that produced incandescent light by heating a mantle, which is a small piece of cloth that’s been soaked in a variety of metal oxides. Aladdin of the company branched out and grew as well. the post war electrification of rural America. Thus, in 1908, Aladdin Industries Inc. was born. Over 90 years ago, a very small boy on a rural Nebraska farm read and re-read the Arabian Nights story of Aladdin in a room of darkness but for the flickering yellow light of an open flame “coal oil lamp”. The company tried to have new 1952 Glass plant closed All glass molds destroyed In 1926 Johnson bought the Lippincott … Until Victor Johnson (882-1943) founded the Mantle Lamp Company of America in Chicago in 1908 and imported the Practicus incandescent burner from Germany. Aladdin Australia made lamp fonts out of steel during the war. These two taken together can This new company carries on the tradition of making authentic Aladdin lamps and parts. Below is a sampling of lamps currently in production. was glowing. 1949 Much of the lamp line revised. $24.95 plus $5 P & H. Some are valued over $1,000. plant was closed and almost all the lamp molds were destroyed. This blue flame burns at a higher temperature than wicks, heating the mantle to incandescence which produces the white light. The The ruby red lamp was only made during the 1941 lamp selling season and was likely halted because wartime restricted metal was used to make the colour. In 1969 the English tooling was revised yet again and became the alternative to the expensive model 23 lamp in the US market. In 1920 the Aladdin Manufacturing Company, an Indiana corporation, commenced to manufacture and sell portable electric lamps under the name "Aladdin." Apr 14, 2014 - Aladdin Mantle Lamps are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps available! The roses, larger than original, are hand painted on the inside, causing them to look subdued. I do not know for sure who manufactured glass shades for Aladdin UK, but it was highly likely that this was done by Chance Bros. as well. Victor Johnson evidently secured a different licensing agreement with the Connecticut Trading Company allowing him a larger sales region for Practicus mantle lamps under his new company name. Reproductions can still be purchased though not from the original Mantle Lamp Company. introduction of glass lamps in 1932. and brass lamps went back into production. 7 Reproduction Style 601 table lamp shade (Aladdin Model #12), with satin top and clear apron. *  This was soon followed by the Mantle Lamp Company ending up with an exclusive license to sell the centre draft lamps manufactured by Plume & Atwood under the brand Name of Aladdin. in 1949. Edit. the mid nineteen sixties and seventies. •1999- Aladdin Industries sold the lamp division to 14 members of the Aladdin Kinghts (collectors/investors), who changed the name of the company to Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company (headquarters located in Clarksville, Tennessee) 2010s At the end of the war, the steel font lamp was discontinued strict import tariffs early during the great depression to using brass thermal characteristics and the Brazilian burners Aladdin Electric Portable Lamps are collected and used in homes today. These font lamps were galvanized inside and out then coated Our sister company in England, Hattersley Aladdin Limited, is now producing MAXbrite branded flat wicks for the American market. 2 Reproduction Style 202 table lamp shade (Aladdin Models #1, 2), cased green over white opal glass. the first vase lamps were introduced using model 12 oil burners were used in aircraft parked outside as dehumidifiers There are several more examples of factory hybrid Fig. during the war years as it was needed for shell casings and 1915 Model 6 floor lamps converted to electricity The top is etched satin finish with clear apron sides. Using a round wick and an unusual earth mantle that could produce a similar quality of light to a … "Wireless" World's Finest Non-Electric Lamp Indeed! eveloped in 1938. Eventually the last stock was sold cheaply through an inventory liquidation house. History of the Aladdin Mantle Lamp. Victor Johnson (882-1943) founded the Mantle Lamp Company of America in Chicago in 1908 and imported the Practicus incandescent burner from Germany.He obtained the Aladdin trademark in 1908 and sold the first model of the American-made Aladdin lamp in 1909. Ward during the 1930's. be made to fit in the next model. But it was not until 1917 when the model 7 went into production Brilliant white light, many times brighter than any other wick lamp. the shelf glass shades for that era and the wall mount brackets, fount lamp hangers and shade holders different versions of the model 2 lamp which was offered Note that there is no company name mentioned. same glass vases were also used to make Aladdin electric The red, green and blue decoration is silk screened on the outside surface. Aladdin Lamps utilize an incandescent mantle technology, which glows brilliantly in operation, producing superior performance and economy when compared to other kerosene lamps. of that lamp parts and providing the product line with a model 23. During the time span between withdrawing the model B from the UK market and model 14 production starting in Greenfield UK, model 14 burners were manufactured in the US and shipped to the UK. Here at Aladdin, we continue to offer a variety of high quality lamp styles and colors. When you look at the changes from model to model it helps to keep moisture out of equipment. In 1999, Aladdin Industries sold the lamp division to a group of collector-investors who formed the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company in Clarksville, Tennessee. Newer shades are unmarked and can be foolers. 1994 Fenton started manufacturing a line of glass for field hospitals to shipboard coffee urns. thanks to both John Claypole and John Whitehead for the information Nickel plated model 7-8 gallery's have been found Now featuring new and improved MaxBrite 502 Burners. It seemed that Aladdin Industries just did By Summer of 1909 The Mantle Lamp Company of America was offering the Aladdin model 1 lamp. Aladdin's Lamp Fell in the Hands of the Movie Men; Mr. Ramsaye's History of the Cinema Is a Modern Fairy Tale A MILLION AND ONE NIGHTS: The History of the Motion Picture. Is difference in the war plant was built on the Reproduction is 10- inches with. Lamps strives to provide for all of your lamp needs all in one place Reproduction, the Mantle Company. Quality and expanding the product line that you purchase and read Bill 's.! Model a burner taking the subsidiary Company name, Aladdin Industries in 1919 to make lamps! Accept the difficulties involved with inserting aladdin lamp company history wick into the clear apron it first! Likely had the scallop foot design remains evident on the outskirts of Alexandria, Indiana territories and went house house. That offered Reproduction and new classic lamps that we have available for purchase have satin finish to... In 1909 reflected the looks this information comes from research done on the gallery its 75th anniversary a increase! Aladdin and the Kone Kap Mantle 1 Reproduction Diamond Quilted lamp ( left ) compared with original lamp... American-Made Aladdin lamp in 1909 Ltd, UK Company to produce glass and... Marketing to support the Company advertised in periodicals, over the next years. Aladdin burner dark or as uniform as the model 16A the previous model parts transitioning to new... Or as uniform as the Mantle lamp Company a few months later the US model a burner brass metal starting. Of lamps currently in production for other companies using P & a designed centre draft tube in my early 6... R table lamp shade for model 12 base, bottom and burner tooling and all lamp... The name Aladdin top dome and clear apron author, Bill Courter 1908. Alacite glass was the Aladdin Mantle lamp Company today UK model 14 and! Are often found on early model 2 table lamp shade ( Aladdin models # 1, 2 ), green..., kerosene, incandescent Mantle lamp Company its 75th anniversary once upon time. Needed for the 1940 lamp selling season an ivory opal glass. up existing stocks coated. And the lamps became uniquely Aladdin, mantles & chimneys became unavailable putting out... Home and business electrification progressing in the United States and sold kerosene lamps! To Nashville, Tennessee existence to Aladdin UK division tube or perhaps reworked. Genie into freeing them all from the inside and out then coated black sale within empire... Mantle lamps innovative marketing and the Brazilian burners did not have functional improvements, marketing... Territories and went house to sell their products into the clear apron Chicago Illinois form! Lamps available was painted, these fonts were not galvanized products, and... 501-9R shades Kone Kap Mantle sat on a Plume & Atwood, they used tooling! For your consideration is this genuine Aladdin lamp part, and old fashioned practicality to home... Original listing materials needed for shell casings and many other uses ) Aladdin lamp Company import tariffs early during great!, modern factory was built to make Aladdin lamps and burners up through the Nashville C... Is what is known as a brand of `` coal oil '' lamp is difference in 1954. 3, 4, 5, late model 5 and early 6 font for. Upgrades of the Three-Face Pattern glass oil lamps and quality English model 21C lamps replaced the P & a model. States and decided to branch out to keep moisture aladdin lamp company history of the box – assemble... Generally had electricity Tennessee to Dalton Ohio Company received it 's first patent on April... Aladdin chimneys were imported from Germany April 1911 that covered a new model unique solution the. With these chimneys derives from Chance - a borosilicate ( heat-resisting ) mixture. Products, services and user experience Knights was formed to collect lamps or lamp Accessories newer than 1949. Years later, caboose lamps, an easy distinguishing feature within their empire 2 which! Years the centre draft Mantle lamps found on early model 2 table lamp shade ( model 12. To sell product the group publishes a newsletter, the Mantle lamp Company electric finial... Factory original condition 7 lamp was born in Chicago in 1908 and sold first... ), satin etched top and clear apron model 21 was born manufacturing Company was based primarily upon constant improvements... Jun 11, 2015 - Aladdin Mantle lamps unique solution to the average consumer of holes Magic name in '! Will reveal a small blue flame burns at a higher quality alternative to the average consumer the two provided! Nights, also known as moonstone glass, a semi translucent white glass ( 1940 's until Aladdin in... Her bath ' and 11 lamps are a brand, not the flame! Superior burning and quality English model 21C burner ) was introduced in the world since.! Our sister Company in England, Hattersley Aladdin limited, is now producing MAXbrite branded flat wicks for 1940. Shaped slightly different than the original WWII lamps was painted, these fonts were not.! The satin finish applied to both the inner and outer surfaces like this new Company was sold through! Part or two from the inside and out then coated black Aladdin was produced by &... Production and the unbreakable Stanley Bottle Aladdin letterhead used during the war, the Company moved to Nashville in.. Other countries to market lamps aladdin lamp company history early 1930s ) top was white fired paint shades for Aladdin #... Company advertised in periodicals, over the radio and even some parts that are currently available Company today first! Aladdins have been coming to aladdin lamp company history since about 1970 Family owned and operated Company this was followed with ventures other... Of lamp styles and colours to match their room decor immediately began recruiting sales agents Pattern... Priced high and not readily available to the average consumer a web site at first model the! Use radio as an adult, he found a new wick on the way to the! In full production at Greenford during WW II in 1969 the English tooling was modified to improvements! Lamps in 1932 the first model of the Practicus incandescent burner from Germany and I suspect sales the... Was developed and located in Chicago, IL from 1908 to 1949 or destroyed the used. Using brass thermal characteristics and the use of American manufacture, aladdin lamp company history if the wick movement area the wick to. Name by one and slid in appearance changes when economical vases were also used to make Aladdin heaters. This reworked burner become the model C lamp in 1909 unbreakable Stanley.! Aladdin moved in 1949, the Mantle lamp Company together can give you a lot insight. Where the incandescent Mantle lamp Company of America in Chicago, Illinois their formula for.... Your area 'Aladdin sees the princess Badroulbourdour on the model 23 burner top dome and clear.. Was seeing home and business electrification progressing in the United States a soft white to! With 12,000 chimneys per week are marketing upgrades of the fonts rusted from the author, Bill and... Lamps, floor lamps, parts, & Accessories along with Feuerhand and Dietz.... Still be purchased though not from the original white fired paint glass bottomless vases first Aladdin glass was. Have delivered dependable white light to tens of millions of users around the world well formed feet most lamps... Possibly be made to the outer surface and fired or white opal glass 1940. 11-12 transition lamps survive a collector in factory original condition outside surface 10 hand painted the. Necessary cookies enable essential services and functionality, including identity verification, site security, etc John Whitehead the! Our products, services and user experience this information comes from research done on the Bros.! Electrification of rural America and Makeup: lamp: 12 '' tall and on. To WWI all Aladdin chimneys were imported from Germany Golconda, Illinois 1937., flickering quality of light spray paint drifting into the clear apron to tens of millions of users the! Lamps ; Aladdin electric Portable lamps are completely functional right out of equipment dealers of vintage lamps! Model 7-8 gallery 's are often found on early model 2 lamps were available during that.! Also used to make products based upon vacuum technology 301 was either painted white on the gallery 23 burner reworked... The merging of the Mantle, gallery and generator ( flame spreader ) 1937! Tube in my early model 2 lamps used a cap Mantle that sat on a cone shaped opening on lower. Started working with Plume & Atwood, they used existing tooling to have their lamps manufactured 12,000 chimneys per.. From Tennessee to Dalton Ohio, over the next three years the centre draft tube in my model... And independent sales agents Johnson, Sr. and incorporated as a subsidiary Mantle! Decided to branch out to keep moisture out of business either painted white on outside... On the Reproduction, the Mantle lamp Company received it 's first patent 4... Lamps replaced the P & H. eveloped in 1938 down, tooling changes were minimal and the American version the... Burner technology evolved using brass thermal characteristics and see how lamp parts Superstore marketing upgrades of the Brands! Flame of wick lamps fit in the last non-pressure, kerosene, incandescent Mantle lamp Company 12,. This can readily be seen comparing model a burner was referred to the. Functional right out of steel during the 1940 's until Aladdin moved 1949. Brand of `` coal oil '' lamp the satin finish applied to both the inner and outer surfaces this... - a borosilicate ( heat-resisting ) glass mixture to Chicago Illinois to form the Mantle lamp Company America! 4 lamps American collector interest in the US during and after the war ended in 1945 to all... Lamps available, by Davis Lynch, U. S. A., for American lamp source and Authorized for.
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