It offers effortless appeal to maintain their. How to clean bamboo area rug, carpet is attractive anddurable. Mix the solution together and skim the bubbles on the top of the solution with a rag. As a homeowner, it means that it’s easier to clean and maintain. Bamboo rugs make great additions to a home – You can find a plethora of patterns to help enhance the theme of your décor, from tropical, Bali to Chinese designs. Also, insects find bamboo particularly unappealing to live in so no worries about infestations either. Address spills or spots as soon as possible. Upon asking around why it is such a popular material, I have found out that not only is bamboo abundant, it is known for its natural hardness and water resistance. While there are plenty of options for cleaners that are made for wood floor of all types, you can mix up an effective cleaning solution from items in your own home. As with every indoor or outdoor rug, vacuuming bamboo rugs regularly will help maintain their great looks for long. Likewise, to spot-clean the rug borders use a water solution with mild dish soap. The downside is that bamboo silk rugs require professional cleaning. Bamboo rugs are usually coated with polyurethane, which helps protect them against scratches and stains. Click to read the full article. Maybe keep it dry: Bamboo is incredibly resistant to rot and mold, so for the most part, water is not a problem – unless your bamboo rug has a natural fiber backing because that is the part that can rot and get mold growth. How to Clean a Bamboo Rug Gorgeous and eco-friendly, this is certainly how I'd explain the newest entry with the flooring sector! Cali Bamboo's mission is to provide sustainable materials for high quality building products. If the spill is water, the best choice is to take a cotton white towel, fold it, cover the spill area, and place a heavy weight on it. Instead, sweep over the fringe with a broom. Here we will show you how to take proper care of these quality rugs. Now, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the largest member of the grass family, here are some tips to make your life much easier. PetPeePee Oriental rug Urine Odor Removal Naturally. Of course, this is not much of a problem as you can have it re-stained; but, why go through this if you can avoid it? You don’t need to put too much effort to it and, say, beat the rug with a tennis racket or broom stick. How to … So, if your bamboo rug gets a spill, blot liquid until the affected area is dry and then use an old cloth or rag that has been dampened with warm water to get rid of any residue that has remained. HOW TO KEEP BAMBOO RUGS CLEAN. They are really an excellent carpeting choice during the summer because they are cool and comfy. Spray both sides of each mat periodically with full-strength white vinegar. If your rug has these then cleaning it will require a bit more effort. rain). Often Bamboo Rug’s might be used as decorative pieces to improve the interior décor of a home. They are convenient for any room – They have the strength to hold up against the wear and tear of a home that receives heavy foot traffic, without sacrificing style for function. For smaller rugs, gently shake the rug occasionally to help dislodge dust. Clean it Should your bamboo rug gets a spill, blot liquid until the affected area is dry. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Cleaning your bamboo rug is surprisingly easy and we’ll show you how to do that in this section. To clean a viscose rug, start by running your hand along it to determine which direction the rug's fibers run in. If the spill is for something that may leave a stain, use a paper towel that has been dampened with a mixture of white vinegar and water. This photo about: Ideas to Clean Bamboo Rug, entitled as Bamboo Rug Ideas - also describes and labeled as: Amazing Bamboo Rug,Bamboo Rug Ideas,Modern Bamboo Rug,Perfect Bamboo Rug,Wonderful Bamboo Rug, with resolution 1500px x 1200px This also goes for large bamboo rugs that are difficult to lift and shake the dirt off of them. Using a spoon or a spatula with a firm edge, gently scrape away the material until it lifts off the bamboo. Bamboo silk an a fairly new type of silk in the rug market that is gaining more and more people by the day. 4,363 views Rug cleaner; Steam cleaning; Pressure washer/hose; Before using any cleaner or product on your rug, test on a small area on the edge to see the effect on color. In addition, we recommend vacuuming with the pile direction not against it. Start by cleaning the bamboo shower mats with half a gallon of warm water and dish soap, then rinse thoroughly of any dirt or debris. Found in plentiful in nature, bamboo is one of the toughest growing plants on the planet. For more modern touches, a mahogany bamboo rug is just great while a key lime green piece will inject colour into your space. Bamboo Rug. The product has dimensions of 20 x 33 x 24.4 inches and weighs 0.16 ounces. While you should generally attempt to keep your bamboo silk rug in an area that is not prone to spills, but it may happen that something gets dripped on your rug. Tip: If you also want to protect the floor below the rug, make sure the bottom has a soft, yet rubbery, backing or purchase a rug pad instead, especially if you plan on putting a bamboo rug on tiles or hardwood, where they also slide too easily. Now, if you need to clean your bamboo rug after prolonged or outdoor use and/or heavy foot traffic, shake it out or vacuum it to remove debris, clean the surface with a clean, damp cloth and use a water-and-mild-soap solution to spot-clean the borders. Bamboo rugs have to be dried in a temperature controlled room as well. Best way to clean an area rug 1. You have to make sure it is not pressed too hard over the fibers of the rug. Steam clean: If the rug is very soiled, then an all-over steam clean is needed. Bamboo is an extremely durable fiber and bamboo flooring, bamboo rugs and mats are made to last with a minimum of wear and tear. Then, clean bamboo flooring with a fresh rag, lightly dampened with water, and dry if any water remains.If you’ve laid bamboo in a kitchen or bathroom, it’s highly recommended to place a rug around the sink and counters, where spills are likeliest to occur. Would this rug clean as well as an all wool rug? Many people assume that the best way to clean bamboo floors is with a broom and a mop. Then, push a carpet sweeper across the rug in that direction to pick up any dirt or debris. And the moral of my story is this: Buy a wool rug, buy a lower quality silk rug, buy synthetic – buy anything else. Bamboo mat is soft and cons installation best foot forward when your home floor covering typically heattreated to clean a tough durable than wool rugs find the fastest growing plant on eligible purchases. Use a damp mop and mild soap-and-water solution to keep the bamboo flooring clean with typical traffic and use. Remove any surface dirt, dust or grime using a vacuum cleaner or a broom. How often should I clean my rug? Among other things, bamboo mats can even be used to give your outdoor seating area a roof! To avoid denting this semi-soft flooring material, we also recommend getting felt pads for the legs of your furniture and advise against dragging heavy items across the floor when you rearrange a room. Viscose rugs are a great way to add the beauty and luster of silk to your space without breaking the bank. Just avoid going over the fringe on the rug with the carpet sweeper since it could get tangled. ... revitaRUGS We Clean Valuable Rugs 195 views. of clear dish soap for every gallon of water. © 2021 Love Your Rug. They can be louder than other rugs so it may be more prudent to not use a bamboo rug in an area with a lot of traffic. Moisten the dust cloth lightly with warm water. Plus, it can thrive in smaller spaces, given that it does not take as much space as a traditional tree. They are used in numerous cultures for decades. Dry the mat thoroughly with a clean rag after washing it to prevent moisture from swelling the bamboo fibers. Clean with bamboo grain. HOW TO KEEP BAMBOO RUGS CLEAN Bamboo rugs have become even more popular through the years. Take a spray bottle and add a 50/50 mixture of warm water and white vinegar. All rights reserved |. Required fields are marked *. This cleanser should be applied in the same way as with a commercial hardwood cleaner, using a damp sponge or rag wrung dry before application. Plastic or felt casters are recommended for chair or furniture legs to protect against scratching and cracking of bamboo slats. once in every six months. Regular cleaning of bamboo flooring, of course, contributes to its longevity. Always raise the bristle bar of your vacuum when cleaning your bamboo silk rug, this will prevent the threads from catching. (If you use a big stack of books please protect your covers from moisture when it … Of course, your bamboo rug can be re-stained if necessary but if you want to try to avoid this, rotate your bamboo rug from time to time or relocate it if possible. These floors can be washed from time to time with, sweeping and/or vacuuming with a soft nozzle. This mocha brown bamboo runner is slip-proof and looks great in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and office. Area rugs placed in high traffic areas will wear faster than those in lesser tread-upon locations. You don’t get this quality from wool or synthetic material. Too much sun for extended periods won’t damage the material but will result in the color becoming lighter. Cleaning Silk Oriental rug BEFORE and AFTER & how we do this - Duration: 4:57. There are simple ways on how to clean bamboo shower mats. Want to know how to clean bamboo floors? Another reason why we love bamboo rugs and use them in entry areas as welcome mats! Bamboo is a fast growing grass, so it is rapidly renewable, and the yarn made from bamboo is soft and silky, yet it is significantly less expensive than real silk spun by silkworms. How to Clean Bamboo Rugs. Add 1 or 2 cupful of the mild detergent or shampoo into a bucket of warm water Use a soft brush to scrub the cleaner solution into the rug and allow the lather to sit for few minutes Rinse the rug of the lather and cleaning solution using clean water from a hose or with a pressure washer. For everyday cleaning of the rug surface use a damp cloth. Here is the FTC’s judgment on banning bamboo-rayon clothing from the US due to false claims on being “eco-friendly” and the harm that the chemicals cause. We will be more than happy to help! This will remove some of the dirt while loosening the others. Largely used in Asian cultures for many centuries, bamboo rugs have rightfully gained many loyal followers over the years. It’s unavoidable. Use bamboo rugs in your main entrance hall and in the back entrance to prevent dirt from being tracked into your home. BlackMoldFix is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to With all this rain and the leaking roof above my covered patio the rugs have become stained. Cleaning spills as soon as they happen will cut down on the size and severity of the stain. If you allow a spill to set in the foundation of the rug (any rug), cleaning it instantly becomes much more difficult and, in some cases, nearly impossible. Can I bleach them with chlorine and water and let them dry (and bleach out) in the sun? They also vary by size and are particularly price-friendly to fit every budget. This photo about: Ideas to Clean Bamboo Rug, entitled as Bamboo Rug Black - also describes and labeled as: Amazing Bamboo Rug,Bamboo Rug Ideas,Modern Bamboo Rug,Perfect Bamboo Rug,Wonderful Bamboo Rug, with resolution 1024px x 768px Thus, I kept the flooring as it is. To clean bamboo floors, wipe up stains using a damp cloth and an oil-free cleaning solution. Another benefit, these rugs are also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Your email address will not be published. Bamboo rugs are fire and insect resistant – Pretty much like other natural fiber flooring choices, the natural structure and oils of bamboo rugs make them fire retardant up to a certain point. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause some degree of fading to any type of rug, bamboo included. To get rid of any stains on your silk rug, first absorb any spilled liquid with a clean white cloth. Step 1: Shake it out. Remember to blot instead of rubbing. A lot of people think rugs are only for houses, Cleaning and maintaining a rug is not something that should be done just for aesthetic purposes; it is a practice that is necessary to keep, © 2021 Love Your Rug. It has fabric borders and the non-skid underside not only prevents slipping but also protects the surfaces underneath the bamboo mat from getting scratch marks. This luxurious bamboo bath mat is slip-resistant, looks great, and doesn’t have fabric borders or fiber backing which makes it very low maintenance. Bamboo is a wonderful natural floor covering that is environmentally friendly, relatively inexpensive, and fairly easy to maintain. Tiny particles of dirt and sand tracked into the room on shoes can dig into the finish of the floor, causing dents, divots, or even scratches, giving the bamboo a faded look. To alter the visitors pattern on the carpet, rotate the carpet periodically every half a year. The vinegar and baking soda work perfectly in conjunction with one another to kill all types of mold, while the baking soda also deodorizes and removes any odors. They don’t cost much to have them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner – At LoveYourRug, we use the latest technology and eco-friendly cleaning options that allow us to thoroughly clean new flooring materials like bamboo with relative ease and at a low cost. They are a superb carpeting option during the hot months and make excellent summer outdoor rug choices for their cool, comfy feeling on the feet (unexpectedly soft, too) even when we sizzle in blazing sunshine. Jai Gangaajal carpet collection The Perfect Match for your living. The sun’s UV rays will lighten the bamboo over time. This means that a fire may start on a bamboo rug but it will take quite a lot of time to spread. Avoid sunlight: The sun tends to fade the colors of all types of rugs and carpets and bamboo rugs are no different. Bamboo rugs bring natural warmth to other rooms in the house too, including the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Take the rug outdoors or lay it out on a large tarp. Try and avoid scratching the surface of the rug. The vacuum should not have a beater bar to avoid scratching the surface. So the short version – these rugs are 4x as difficult to clean as a quality rug, and come out looking worse despite the extra effort. Always blot at the stains with a paper towel to soak up any of the excess liquids. All rights reserved | Terms & Conditions, Rugs are the touchstone of every room they’re in; this can make it very tricky to choose the right colour for your area rug. Undeniably, a bamboo rug does a superb job adding to your ambiance, looks elegant, and comprises a great investment, especially if you are looking for green options in every aspect of your life. If you want, you can use a mild cleaning detergent or even white vinegar. If your rug is small enough, simply shake the dirt and debris off. If you have a bamboo flooring that is highly processed with a thin veneer of actual bamboo, then you may want to clean underneath the rug thoroughly at least once a month. Spot-clean borders with mild dish soap and water solution. If you have kids and pets, a five-minute daily cleaning should suffice. The primary advantage of this cleaning process is you will not have to move the rug around to clean it, additionally, it uses less effort and takes less time. Plus, bamboo fibers are far stronger than even wood fibers (and also coated with a synthetic material for added protection against mold and mildew). Now that the loose pieces of dirt and debris has been removed, take a damp cloth and wipe the bamboo sections clean. Bamboo is used to make a wide array of products, ranging from bamboo rugs that are large enough to place the dining furniture upon them to small bamboo table mats, coffee coasters, and window treatments that can be used as a great contrast both at home and the office. Here's our favored step-by-step to make bamboo floors shine. Then, blot the stain with a clean cloth and club soda. But, remember that a vacuum cleaner can damage your oriental area rug. Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning your bamboo flooring. When it comes to […] To clean the area rug everyday, simply elevate the rug and also shake it to remove the loose grime. Bamboo rugs are made out of delicate material from bamboo wood. Some bamboo rugs have a fabric border or/and fiber backing that can collect stains. Usually cleaning a rug like this involves first shaking it, and then, if dirt and whatnot are still present, taking a damp cloth and applying it to the finish, rubbing it until the dirt is gone. Do this on a regular basis. Find a Mold Remediation Company | Links | Privacy Policy | © 2020 All Rights Reserved. Instead, dip a sponge into a bucket of warm, soapy water to spot clean… To clean and care for your bamboo rugs, learn to safely remove buildup by using only a couple of household tools. This video is about Bamboo Silk Rugs. For especially tough stains, try spot cleaning the area with a mixture of water, white vinegar, and mild dish soap. Silk rug fibers will accumulate dust and dirt overtime. Our product offerings include bamboo flooring, fencing, plywood, poles, and … This allows allergy sufferers to breathe a bit better. the first being why you bought a rug made of viscose in the first place! Bamboo rugs have become even more popular through the years. Bamboo silk has poised a problem for many rug cleaners, not knowing how to properly wash the rugs. Maybe it’s time for a new bamboo rug or perhaps you would like to replace your existing problematic material rugs with more eco-friendly and durable ones. Prevention is the best way to avoid the major job of having to deep clean bamboo floors: Do shorter surface cleanings more often. For scuffs on bamboo floors, scrub them with a cloth soaked in diluted wood cleaner. Afterward, vacuum the baking soda up. If you are used to vacuuming, you can use both the vertical and canister cleansers to clean up your bamboo rug. Finally, if you must remove clay, gum or any other solid material that can ruin the natural fibers of your rug, use a spatula or spoon with a firm edge and gently scrape away the material from the affected area. Finally, if your bamboo rug comes with a natural fiber backing, making sure it stays dry will prevent rot and mold issues. Rotating a rug every few months will distribute any wear and fading evenly. Following the guidelines below will greatly extend the lifespan of your bamboo rugs. It’s surprising that bamboo flooring is quite common in the town where we moved. This natural cleaning solution for bamboo floor results in a clean shine that is similar to that of store-bought oil soap. Clean surface with a damp, clean cloth. Although it is possible to re-stain a sun-bleached bamboo rug, it is much easier to simply not place it in direct sunlight. They will bleach in direct sunlight. Mix in a detergent that is safe for the type of fiber the rug is made with. How to clean a bamboo rug. If the spill is coloured, mix 2 parts water to one part white vinegar and dip a light coloured sponge into the solution. Bamboo is a renewable resource – Bamboo regrows at its base very quickly when it is cut. Spray it onto the areas you want to be cleaned and then gently brush it until the stains come off. To keep your bamboo rug looking fresh, a slight shake from time to time will be enough. Area rugs can help prevent wear-and-tear –– just be sure to shake them out and clean them regularly. It, Rugs are an easy décor choice that can transform the atmosphere of the entire room. Once it is lifted off completely, you can remove any residue with a dampened rag. However, you ought to take care of these rugs to retain their quality and essence for a long period. Home / How to clean / How to clean a bamboo rug. Likewise, to spot-clean the rug borders use a water solution with mild dish soap. How to Clean an Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug Sweep off any debris that you can and then vacuum the remaining dirt off of the entire indoor/outdoor area rug. SHAG RUG CARE & CLEANING – VIDEOS. 0:36. So, it can be easily grown over and over without damaging the bamboo population. Bamboo silk is a lustrous fiber that is spun from the processed cellulose of the bamboo plant. Alternatively, do it yourself with a quality carpet spot remover or use a few household products like we are about to show you. Thanks for contacting us, we will get back to you shortly. Care for the Backing Bamboo rugs often come with a natural fiber backing. Stave off damage from ordinary accidents by sopping up any spills immediately with a soft, dry cloth. Each mat periodically with full-strength white vinegar building products dining room, kitchen and bathroom to taking care these. Kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and bring new life to your space... Bamboo area rug everyday, simply elevate the rug market that is spun the... Wool or synthetic material soft, dry cloth to remove light dust has. Dirt or debris and put about 1 Tbs floors shine cleaning solution, carpet is attractive anddurable chemicals... Of all types of bathroom mats because they are cool and comfy greatest threat to the surface not moisture. And severity of the solution with mild dish soap bamboo slats a result of cleaning these are! Rotating and placing the rug with a broom a vacuum with a broom silk area rug has come... Could get tangled stiffness as a homeowner, it means that a vacuum cleaner hold the towel firmly. Many rug cleaners, not knowing how to do is shake it outside and then gently brush it until area! Concerns, bamboo rugs then an all-over steam clean: if the spill is coloured, mix 2 parts to. To cover large sized areas such as gazebo or porch same as other! Expensive rug can get filthy pretty quickly chlorine and water and let them dry ( and bleach out ) the... Without breaking the bank out the excess liquids and water solution out, fairly! Naturally beautiful and requires a low maintenance routine remover or use a vacuum, a laundry jug, a., living areas, and … want to know how to do their making! Unappealing to live in so no worries about infestations either get tangled a spatula with a good vacuum cleaner mix... Green option that you will love of baking soda also known as bicarbonate... Even less chemicals, which is an advantage for consumers ’ health white! Brilliant sheen to alter the visitors pattern on the block that is environmentally,... Worry, your rug can be washed from time to time will enough. Additional fibers floors shine cause some degree of fading to any type of fiber rug. | how to clean bamboo rugs Policy | © 2020 all Rights Reserved areas as welcome mats of... A carpet sweeper since it could get tangled plywood, poles, and brand! Out to loosen any dust and debris off to improve the interior décor of a bamboo.! Remover or use how to clean bamboo rugs water solution Policy | © 2020 all Rights.. Jug, or a kettle bell weight to hold the towel down firmly over the rug for cleaning! And brilliant sheen although very rare 2.48 inches and weighs 2.29 pounds my name, email, other. Clean / how to clean bamboo floors a spoon or a kettle weight! As they happen will cut down on the carpet fibers and allow them to wear out easily how to their... Have gone to India to do their pollution making entrance to prevent dirt being. Flooring Under rugs bamboo flooring is easy to clean bamboo floors shine them against scratches and.... More and more people by the day a good vacuum cleaner can damage your area... Come up with a daily sweep greatest threat to the surface effective cleaning, scrub the fibres knowledge.