However, her father’s sudden death leaves her on a crucial crossroad in her life. finesse is lacking much, depicting the super rich to be lowly in character. Did episode 8 not air? The drama is intense, the acting is IMPECCABLE and no one is forced to watch. I just wasted my time on nothing, R Jan 05 2021 2:25 am But we cannot say that there is only evil, but also sadness, madness, ambition, revenge, regret, and there is an incredibly talented girl with a mother who had her dream ripped from her hands and her beautiful voice was torn as if it were nothing. The cast has been perfectly chosen and the acting skills of each character in this drama should be highly acknowledged. I'm a hypocrite, but I try to change by rejecting all of that, everyone in the industry who does that. What builds a person's good character are the values ​​and not the scripts of a drama. Ro Na is the reason why Yoon Hee is in the jail. I am guessing the end of the drama Yon E didn't wash her clothes? It is obvious that there are exceptions and we have 4 episodes of 44 (with two seasons), some good people will appear. And I was like, why you so obsessed with me? Gisele Nov 20 2020 1:44 am Thinker Dec 29 2020 10:00 pm But, nah, there is something off with Penthouse that make me go ???? To many plot twists, and shocking moments that it doesn’t have that impact anymore. Kimi Jan 01 2021 7:54 pm I feel like logan will fell for su ryeon. This is my first time watching a drama i wanted to punch ALL of the characters on their faces.. lol this drama needs to chill.. stan enhypen Dec 20 2020 2:51 am This storyline is all tragic and unrealistic. logically logan lee is still seol ah brother even tho he's a step brother. This kdrama will do, I just hope it will have a good turnover soon or the murderer would be really shocking and unexpected. P.S. yeeet Nov 17 2020 4:07 pm Bae ro na is disgraceful ihate her role here. ?why i have the feeling she will end up get involve with joo dan tae. Hoang Anh Oct 28 2020 7:53 am Didi Nov 25 2020 3:58 am Yoon Hee's drunk the night Min Seol A was killed so I think her memories are not that reliable. Just research your successes and you will see. Someone else killed that tutor girl. If you're looking for realistic dramas, go somewhere else. He could switch sides at any time. Aerielle Lee Dec 02 2020 10:24 pm I agree that Ro Na is unbearable and stupid, she treats her mother very badly and humiliates her, although she is a good mother. This drama is too...drama. but I appreciate their hard work because they get high ratings. You just don't appreciate the artistry of this drama. This would have been nice of Shin Sung Rok oppa didn't back out on the Joo Dan Tae role. Nuthouse Nov 02 2020 10:07 pm i really love how this drama going. Cienna Nov 23 2020 4:51 am I saw the "twist" and it was lame and again boring. The plot was good but they way they executive is to much. goddamn chill guys lol whats the fuss about. I cant enter prestigious university not because Im not good enough but because im poor and have no internal connections. Fighting Logan and Shim Su-Ryeon as best couple of 2020! I fr even had to go puke cause thats how disgusted i was. I know they are ultra rich people and I see obnoxious people in real life. Why are so many ppl so salty about it? But i see this kind of situation in other kseries too. I know this drama is kinda hyped in Korea but I am gonna pass after watching 2 eps. It can't be!!!! Evil? J. Jones Jan 15 2021 10:19 am This drama become more complicated since too many character have their own secret. This one make me have second thoughts to have kids. I really love this dramaa!! Sky Castle copy without homage license, they just swapping status, situation and character each role. Lol there yes, I would be impressed with the evil. Someone Nov 17 2020 9:06 am It depicts the solidarity and revenge of women who had no choice but to become evil women to protect themselves and their children. Kim So Yeon is just too good at villain character. yuni Dec 02 2020 8:16 am Because her acting is unbelievable (in a good way). yoomi Dec 21 2020 11:07 pm But is this how people really act? so i might give this drama a shot just for him and his stellar acting as always! And it's all fiction because you're trying to take it seriously. So crazy ? Congrats to the the show and cast for receiving so many awards at the 2020 SBS drama awards. whaaatttttt and seokhoon is so handsome<3. Back to zero ending. Because of its good plot and the ratings are getting higher... SBS will continue it to 3 season? They are trying too hard to not be sky castle that they looked like a knockoff wannabe of sky castle. :). Kim So Yeon is just too good at villain character. I thought this is just another Skycastle kind of drama but this is way more entertaining and I love it. ???????????? kiztee Jan 05 2021 11:39 pm The fact that Seo-Jin says he never heard someone say he loves her is very funny. The story is already better with the adults main casts. Red Flower Kdrama Vibes, Seoul, South Korea. Shim Su-Ryeon was the best of this drama and she died? Everyone's suspicious. Anyway, this so damn addictive i wont stop watching this lol. For now yeah, the hate I have for these characters is very real and that means I connected it to something. Well I'm really excited to see the next episode! I think the one who played ha eun byeol deserves the young best actress award (no hate for bae rona) look at the scene while she was reading the comments in ep 20, she's really into it and admit it, we all hated her character that means she's an effective young best actress imo. anyways this drama is fun and I'm excited for new eps! mellanie gerochi Nov 24 2020 10:42 pm Anyway, Have a great day :). The worst! Dreamhigh Dec 21 2020 11:19 am Valentina Dec 29 2020 9:07 pm But Penthouse is not that kind of drama. Aaa Nov 10 2020 7:42 am Required fields are marked *. The residents of hera palace a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors have many secrets and hidden ambitions. The writer decided to go all out with the madness!! When you think about it, this drama is poorly written. What is with the posturing? I praised her not because she has been writing for a long time, but because she has a talent. Honestly idrc abt anyone in the drama except the twins. But I believe that hatred is really unnecessary for the reason I mentioned earlier, even though she is not a pleasant character to watch. Lalalallaisha Dec 17 2020 6:01 am Adding the contrast with the lower class was somewhat smart, it separated this drama from just filthy rich to a mother's love for her children. Season 1 has ended. Set around the luxury Penthouse Apartment with 100 floors. I don't want to believe that Oh Yoon-Hee was the one who pushed Min Seol-A. SBS's version of sky castle? stan enhypen Dec 23 2020 2:41 am Eugene and Lee sang woo acted together in All about my mom drama and Kim so yeon and Eugene's husband acted together in Mother of mine although they did not have much scenes together. The script is just recycling ideas How come the discipline violence committee of ordinary school decided to remove a student without any evidence from hospital or school doctor checkup. Kim So Yeon, wish you successful, safe and happy filming! You don't need to like RoNa to realize such things, but for you it's so difficult The whole thing is basically just the writers adding stressors after stressors, as unrealistic and unpractical as they can be to make sure viewers stay watching. Why does the plot remind me of Sky Castle, sureerat Dec 15 2020 8:38 pm What a lowlife father. Bored Dec 28 2020 6:03 pm the ending will be very disappointing......cos they will drag the story to season 2, season 3. rounchan Dec 28 2020 7:29 am Crap, anna Dec 30 2020 8:15 am query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Watch Penthouse: War In Life Episode 8 Eng Sub Video, We always provide you all latest Korean and Asian dramas in HD format with English Sub Title, You can visit our website We always provide you entertainment by providing you all Asian drama with Eng Sub title. Sakura Dec 22 2020 7:27 am Im shaking while watching this, idunno why. Wouldn't be surprised if the tatooed woman in the photo and mother of the twins is actually SSR's long list twin she never knew she had. A single mother who was traumatized by her past is thinking to kill a kid who is same age as her daughter. I believe you!!! I want to see her till the end. I know this is drama but i think the scriptwriter way too much and crazy writing this drama. Omg it's so bad the worst drama 2020. She’s such a brattt lmao. How would the maid know that the kids were the if she was ‘grocery shopping’. Its unfair to them to be portrayed as very low as this. Jungtae Nov 10 2020 10:14 am but that's fine. There is only 20 esp of this drama of Nuthouse and their crazy children. in this drama the children are the parents' replicas and that way the audience can easily misinterpret how you did it yourself. So, empty your mind of your reference drama, as I believe that you cannot enjoy any drama you watch if you always want the story to be similar to others that you watched and were frustrated because the result you received was not the expected one. Just stop, take a tranquilizer in the milk or play with your perfect toys. Story was interesting but how its done just aint it lol. Every character are so badd except Su Ryeon. Ridiculous! Very disappointed! Go hoo dong is Min Seol A brother in states??? The problem is not with the characters or the drama, but with people who don't know how to interpret what is right and what is wrong. I think one greed does matter in life if it too much it could drive people insane. Thats so not right and not a good message at all. Whatever the plot is same with the sky castle or not, the actors and actresses in this drama have very good acting. Seok-hoon opening up and developing friendship with Rona is better i guess. Please make astounding comeback with another season! However, the male characters are harder to understand, which I get is the point. Oh Yoon Hee is the biggest snake ever. why this low class character is so stupid...? sureerat Dec 15 2020 8:21 pm Don't try too hard. The script of sky castle drama was well written, and made us currious in what happened next. Are rich korean people behave like this??? i honestly enjoy it and will definitely watch the S2, can't wait even. Hope it gets there. I think this Bae Ro Na act too much.. @Kayla I was thinking the same? Kimi Jan 01 2021 7:24 pm The best possible ending for Seol A is for her mom to successfully avenge her death and for the Hera residents pay for their crimes. Love the cast! Who knows? :-), Hana lee Nov 27 2020 10:37 pm I have a feeling they’ll give us a sad background for Seo-Jin to justify her being cruel. Anne fought hard to keep Sugar healthy and I'm sad that it didn't work. Writernim must hate Bae Ro Na very much lol The girl can't get a break from the craziness! Yes they do. Wow I didn't see that coming, but it mays sense Oh Yoon-Hee is the killer. This is the best drama of 2020, you may not like it or watch it but you have need to admit. TDS Dec 07 2020 6:19 pm Her character suddenly pulling a 180 is such cheap writing. it won't matter though because it's so popular in SK. "how bad is the performance of the actors?" Love this drama and stars. i think in next season the story will turn into children. I heard this drama would be 3 seasons!!GG. This drama although not yet finished, this is full of stress specially eith the adults, but a little sweet because of seok hoon and ro na :) i was shocked that logan lee is the teacher, i thought logan lee us the adoptive father of seul a. blueberry Dec 13 2020 5:38 am Seo Ryeon is amazing and smart. Oh Yoon Hee has got to be one of the most despicable and self-entitled character I've ever seen. So,who's the main character here?su ryeon,seon jin or yoon hee? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try search the writer, the queen of makjang. WowW. then a kid trying to be private tutor , just to get close to their biological parent - and then eventually died being thrown out of high floor. Undeniable quality of award winners. Korean are good people! Because in Sky Castle, some may be evil like Yum Jung Ah's character but at some point, I was able to understand her. Nomnom Nov 25 2020 10:19 pm Ong Lay See Jan 07 2021 8:00 am Can't Wait !!! keke. I only enjoy 70% of this drama. Everyone in this drama is evil. Baklitang palaka fidel t.b..o. Jan 01 2021 4:39 am Dear writer-nim, I watched the last empress, and i thought, "ah...i don't like such kind of this drama". Atleast her expectations from seokhoon were not that much as her mother had from dr. Ha back in their school days and if seokhoon really wants to pursue her atleast we'll get a clear picture that he is not merely ordered by his sister to do so. for those watching,, i recommend watching some of the cutscenes on youtube! funny thing is, she wasnt ashamed of vandalism (she broke the stuff at the school, lay down on the floor just to make sure that seojin will attend to her etc etc), being bullied but she was shameful about her mum's scandal. The Fatal Encounter. I wonder what the actors felt when they acted.. haha, I love it but i hate it Nov 10 2020 12:15 am Maybe she had done the plastic surgery so Joon Dan Tae couldn't recognize her? Its a mix of drama Return and Sky Castle.. y Nov 01 2020 7:29 am Lost interest at ep 4. No Tears for the Dead. That's what I think, but anything can happen lol ? Ro Na doesn't need romance, but friends. @honeyharvest, I also followed from the beginning and I am also happy and proud that the cast was well awarded and especially Kim Hyun-Soo / Bae Ro Na who is very cute and talented and Shin Eun-Kyung / Kang Ma Ri Lmao. it shows that you don’t always get the happy endings you i want . congrats. © yeet Dec 08 2020 11:22 am I also highly appreciate ALL of the actresses and actors in the drama. Hope korean film industry could filter projects that adds moral value to the viewers. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=87; they are high schoolers there's no need for that. In drama world, it's possible to have sad endings. I forgot if someone was also a doctor. Smolbean Nov 05 2020 7:03 am The audience is soaring, I am very proud of the writer and everyone who works in Penthouse. Hopefully this will be a long drama 20 eps is not enough for me!! The couple that cheating from Return make a comeback as a married couple! She was too emotional in every single thing (the writer purposely make everyone seems dramatic) n i hate about ?? I don't like the kids. Until then, keep waiting!;-). Lulu Nov 04 2020 9:53 am 4. OYH and her daughter BRN keep messing with their own enemy then play victim. Eun byul will play with her own mother.bcz she is aware of her mother that she killed her grandfather. I wonder what made decide to go back? Lets Share the Vibes in Kdrama And he acts rudely with her mother, who does everything for her. Why would anyone else want to be around them? It's nothing special anymore. This drama has so many unspoken and yet hidden scenes which we probably may not even imagine. She wants to belong to the upper class for her children. Of course. Please let them talk, this screaming every single time they talk takes away the affect it has on me. These immature adults and kids act like some lower class is gonna steal their life and least make this drama more realistic..why make it seem like they have no life and get upset when someone poorer is better than them.... Tgelover Nov 03 2020 5:18 pm feel really disappointed. Why are Oh Yoon-Hee and Bae Ro-Na not part of the evil group? But I believe the writer is saving it for when all the characters belong to the elite, which is where bad things are centered and where everyone really is the same. Anger. Yoon Hee is a villain, but that defines only herself and not the people around her and even her daughter who is the closest person to her. Rocky Sep 22 2020 12:44 pm War in life sub indo dengan format 720p 540p 340p hardsub dan batch rar hanya di drakorstation. I hope, this kdrama it has in netflix. @casa yes esp. some people were guessing she could still be alive but she falls from 100 floor how can she survive that falls. Sunhua Oct 23 2020 7:04 am Also, Seokyung is so hateful i hate her face too Lol. Love this show. Korean Movies. And, anyway, everyone involved in the treatment of Anne's life and death is to blame for what happened to her. Yung penthouse Nov 12 2020 1:29 am We Dec 29 2020 7:49 pm Cherry Dec 19 2020 8:12 am I have only watched two episodes and already feel furious. cause the ratings are high. And many more. dudeeee I thought Yoon Jong-Hoon is in his late twenties, that's why I was surprised when watching him show up as Cheon Seo-Jin's husband. Especially Bae Rona, very stubborn if i'm her mom i'll slap and kicked her out, how can she treats her mom innapropriate. cheon seojin is pure evil but i prefer her than eunbyul sorry her face just annoyed me so much, jung Dec 26 2020 3:29 pm I think eunbyeol is the one who pushed seol a off the window that’s why she keeps hallucinating...she might have only remember from when she pushed her off the stairs but i think she came back and chased her suspecting drunk yoon hee could have pushed her because of her anger but then she was concerned when she saw seol a on the elevator.....i dont think it’s the parents unless seol a was already pushed off before they can join in on the it has to be one of the kids... Nomnom Dec 10 2020 6:21 pm The Penthouse is not a sophisticated drama, but it is a quality drama and has many merits for the attention it is receiving. Hello, dear Vicky, dramas don't build a good or bad person. I quite watching kdrama after this one ... I’m disappointed, Yurihan Jan 06 2021 2:21 pm December 1, 2020 Retrieved from "" SPOILERS!!! War in life drama ep 16 ep 17 ep 18 ep 19 ep 20 penthouse. Could one argue that this drama is very bad? The best storyline, ending /last episode for me, even it's hanging, but who cares, season 2 is coming soon. It’s kinda all over the place and I was kinda confused at first but I get it. Lmaolol Dec 03 2020 11:47 am Waiting for Sure Yeon And Logan Lee bed scene cause it's rated 19 hahahahahaha. She is a great mother and deserves it very much. Len Nov 11 2020 11:08 pm I cannot wait for next week. AsianWiki Let’s be honest, she’s not hot enough to headline season 2. He is a chief surgeon at a general hospital and an ambitious man. Shippp is sailingggg. They never talk normal, they drag people withouth any real reason and when its time to explain why they drag, they will scream more. yuck. What!!! The nonsensical. In this drama, Logan Lee is the owner of 100 storey Manhattan Tower in New York - the adoptive brother of Seol A.. To avoid future conflict of inheritance, Logan Lee's parents were forced to send the child back to Korea. What even Nov 06 2020 8:54 pm it was a mistake guys this is really funny The part that the p.e teacher (a.k.a logan lee) promised to make su ryeon's life miserable while recalling the past cruel action oh his own parents. Pan Nov 09 2020 12:44 am Injustice is everywhere, it will be a sad and revolting reality if none of them pay. Have you not seen any villaint characters in other dramas/movies somewhere else? speak in korean so he doesn’t get his //