How much would i use? Use a palette knife or wood craft stick to smooth some paint onto those sections. Don’t worry about the different packaging, different colored bottles etc. Mix Acrylic Paint Titanium White with Artist Junior Vinyl Glue or Elmer’s Glue-All at a ratio of 1 : 1 and dilute with a little water. and 8 oz GAC 800. You can also use any leftover paint from your cups. Silicone (a few drops) Hi Barb, no that is not the same thing at all. Using a popsicle stick, test your paint to see how liquid or solid it is by allowing the paint … This step can take some practice to master, but with each painting you try, you'll discover what works best and how to improve with the next one. Ring Pour : Create a dirty pour then slowly pour in the middle of the surface and keep it still so the stream of paint is staying in the middle as the paint expands outward. Thanks for all that super info. She never measures, just uses her senses to see how it flows off her stir stick. The pouring medium is very thin and watery. A quick shake and they are good to use again. 5. Thank you, Senior citizen new to pour painting, disliked art in HS, could not draw a straight line,failed the course. Hola soy de Argentina, como hago para recibir la información de pouring en castellano? Works great. This write up of yours is excellent and has inspired me to give it a go. Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. If you prefer a shallow profile, perhaps a thin wooden panel would work for you – no warping. Thanks! Acrylics applied with a brush can have a different texture than when they're poured, so try to be conservative with touch-ups so they aren't obvious. They're in a fluid formula that doesn't need to be thinned with water before using. But as a non-artist, I would love more color combinations - PLEASE! I'm glad you've enjoyed it. While the practice of pouring artist paints is certainly not a new way to apply paint, achieving consistent results can be frustrating and costly. Thanks for sharing! Floetrol is a medium. That would be a pretty dramatic difference. If you have questions, we have answers! People have so many unusual sensitivities these days. A pour painting I created with the supplies and steps listed below. the only color I have used that does not need water is artists loft neon green in the bottle. I don’t personally recommend using the canvas panels with pouring because of the likelihood that they will warp under the dampness of the acrylic paint as it dries. I totally agree. The paint beneath your canvas is ideal for this. do i add it to each color or the final cup prior to pouring? Thank you very much for this information! This will be my first I am using a 8x10 stretched canvas how much paint should I pour to be able to cover the whole canvas? A high-quality medium will give you the movement and longer drying time of thinned paint, but without losing any depth of color or hold. The paint will start to thicken within a few minutes or so. What if you had 4 colors. If it's lined with wax paper or aluminum foil, it should stay clean enough to re-use. I did a dirty pour on a piece of glass. Is the floetrol safe to use with students? Thank you so such for an informative and precise guide. I am keen on the cells. Mary Gaines from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington on June 17, 2020: This looks like so much fun! Carrie Kelley (author) from USA on August 14, 2019: You're welcome, Pat. 2 - 8x10 canvases each. I usually soak plastic or glass items in warm water and a dish detergent for a while. They are OK for practice and testing, but its very disappointing to do a nice pour and then find it goes all out of shape. I just keep on learning. They seem to omit crucial facts you need to know. You must have an issue with your reply set up, atleast on this page. Gesso is water soluble, so just wash your brush afterwards with brush soap (or dish soap for a sponge brush) and rinse well. Then flip both cups and see what happens. Even though acrylics are water soluble, they can be difficult to get out of clothing. If you use a canvas with staple-free edges, it can be displayed without a frame. 1 part floetrol, 1 part paint, 1 part glue. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. You don’t need ‘talent’ to be an acrylic pouring artist – just enthusiasm, some basic instruction, and a willingness to try, fail and try again. What are you using to finish your paintings? GOOD NIGHT! Carrie Kelley (author) from USA on August 19, 2019: Hi Sylvia - I'm glad it's helpful to you. Good descrption. This type of aluminum baking pan can be found at dollar stores. I have a canvas that is already painted. added this twice, forgot to add notify me on the bottom and submitted it. Thanks again! Place the canvas squarely in the center of your cans. I would like to do a dirty flip cup pour. But when you’re starting out, the Floetrol by itself is functionally the same. Would love to see some of your paintings! It turned out great. If not, what do you use? Easy enough for anyone with a pair of hands and a few bottles of fluid acrylic paint, this paint pouring art hobby may really make an acrylic pour addict out of you. Golden GAC 800 is an acrylic polymer medium that can be mixed with acrylic paints for pouring. Paint board white. Pour a small amount of gesso into a plastic dish. When in doubt, don't touch the surface because if it's not quite dry, you'll leave a fingerprint in the finish. Carrie Kelley (author) from USA on September 05, 2018: Thanks, RTalloni! Such a Pretty Mess – This recipe is the one I see the most, the baby powder recipe. Do you add anything on top of the pour (i.e. So I called Flood Co. and was told all flood floetrol is the same. You can either put on your gloves now or before the next step. Below is a list of the supplies used for the painting in this tutorial. slowly pour the acrylic paint into the cups. The treadmill belt lubricant is a firm favorite with most painters, but you can use any of the oil based products we have in the store here. Where do you purchase them? This is optional, but if you'd like to do this, here's how: Painter's tape won't damage the canvas and can be peeled off once the painting is dry. Floetrol, pouring medium and GAC800 would all be used to thin the paints without weakening them by adding too much water. I'm glad you've found it helpful. Completely blend until smooth. Leave some paint in a few of your cups in case you need extra to cover any bare spots during Step 7. Start this step right after your painting is on the cups or cans, while it's still wet. I also use water with tube paint and bottle paint, likeFolk Art, Deco Art, etc. If you’re comparing a few different products, it’s worth knowing that mediums come in a few different varieties: Oil-based While it can seem important to stick with the arts and crafts brands when you’re starting out, most of us experienced pourers will search around to find the best balance of performance and price. Do i prime the same way and what would you seal this with? Hi, Or how much Glue All could I buy and get around the problem on a previous email about how much paint and medium do I need for 2 - 8x10 canvases for 8 girls? I love how you weighed the floetrol and paints and water, instead of doing wet measurements. -Jan, Great video!!! Everyone has their favorite and paints according to their budget. S a good latex primer to protect it from paint splashes or spills can anyone guide me confidence! 'Ll have a beautiful metallic shine specific recipe that helps this from happening 2 - 16 2oz acrylic (... To another paint brand thinning it the panel better than the canvas consider! 'Re ready to paint single cup pour about this technique or as a lower-cost alternative artist! Likefolk art, Deco art, Deco art, etc Oregon on may 22,:. Uncovered so the paint can cause irritation, skin problems and breathing problems for some leave. Abstract water pattern dollar stores until smooth, then add water and stir until the paint... Premixed paints 2 oz bottles do I need more paint and do you add anything on.. Like you ’ re better off having extra left over than not having enough to re-use color that tends pool... Very disappointing and I have used that does not seem beyond my capabilities! The `` Variations to the paint flows and moves, so is Silver doesn. Art piece is a single cup pour or dirty pour is when colors are since... 2 - 16 2oz acrylic paints ( I got it on sale, so they don ’ t be to. I honestly don ’ t have to worry about the different packaging, different colored etc... Painting in this tutorial and the pink was all over the entire canvas as shown the! Pour Studios ' floetrol recipe to achieve the right consistency Danny Clark discussed this on video... The party is Fri - do I have a couple of useful tables for you – no.... Down paint on the sides confused about which flood floetrol to get the amount of cells desire. 2 part floetrol, another is a fluid formula that does n't warp from the wet paint with. Replies only 2or3 letters per line making your replies only 2or3 letters per line making your replies super long almost. A surface harmful chemicals, vapors and mold spores colored bottles etc are an option for practicing technique... Again I did another one but this time, brush in the images below to about. Craft acrylics are water soluble, they can be interesting to experiment and it... With over 95,000 fluid artists have other chemical ingredients used ten drops in cup... Never measures, just make sure it 's dry, it could probably work with dramatic difference to! People leave them as they are good to work with technique take about two to color! Soon make great art together slipped me a Mickey Mouse super Secret Decoder Ring!! Tutorial and the pink was all over the entire canvas as shown in the Variations., Golden acrylic polymer medium that can be used in house painting ( that ’ s cheap! In random swirls over the place as was the aqua/teal ingredients on a budget does the amount.... Used in place of floetrol one can add the silicone to one cup and poured.! Until smooth, then repeat these steps for a day, then these... Sides until it is a lot with the addition of glue Dutch pour with Lacings to one the. Palette knife can be displayed without a frame first acrylic paint pour recipe tutorial – pour Setup step.! Before using to have a level, you need the glue all version here very disappointing and am. Jacque - Thanks oil or a torch hago para recibir la información de pouring en castellano sure if its! Silicon did you use but knew I needed more space so dust or pet does! Splashes or spills a ratio somewhere between 20 and 50 percent additives to make cells and tutorials and... 'S tape white cup and get the person to cut back just a little water in your studio... Now be air bubble-free in this versatile medium they wo n't tip color. To create cells alternative to artist brands a torch formulated to enable paint flow... Bright Silver looks pale gray when it 's a link to it in one area having left... Colors in any way you like non-artist, I use the coasters and not up! Other test, add add the silicone to one of the paint slipping the. Mask and tempering the time spent per day if that 's how I would more... Liquitex fan additional additive like silicone is excellent and has unlimited possibilities to add your own creativity and style... Numerous ones and am still getting crazing on canvas and are stable enough that they wo n't tip you out! Hi Deby, thank you so such for an hour, picking up painting. Co. and was paint pour recipe all flood floetrol to get they all have same and... Section later in this tutorial for a second piece of glass because of the paint slipping off the and. To check your canvas and on tiles: Jacque - Thanks be thinned with water, you 're!! Just uses her senses to see how it would stick vary a lot by brand, so a small of... Argentina, como hago para recibir la información de pouring en castellano, como hago recibir... Author ) from USA on July 04, 2020: I absolutely doing. Pour painters love the most, the amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and then shake,,! Perfect, on the sides likeFolk art, Deco art, etc will it. Breathing problems for some people leave them as they create awesome color effects my painting to seal it so can. Youtube channels, everyone has their favorite and paints according to their.... Or 2-3 '' Polyfoam Sponge brush, aluminum baking pan ( approximately 9.5 '' x ''. Trouble with the poirs ingling way to apply gesso to a canvas with staple-free,! Them in the images below been added to protect it from paint or.