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N.K De, P.K.Sen “Eletrical drives” Printice Hall of India 2002. Two-dimensional wavelet decomposition - regularity – vanishing moments. frequency reuse, interference cell splitting, sectoring, cell system layout, cell processing. Electrostatic voltmeter - quadrant electrometer. HVDC breakersbasic. “FACTS Controllers in Power Transmission and distribution” , K.R.Padiyar, New age international. Real World. Robert K, Ian H, Mark G, Nanoscale Science and Technology, John Wiley & sons, Module III (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). Wayne Tomasi, "Electronic communication systems ", 4, edition, Pearson Education, 2001 [general, 1. Determination of string efficiency of string insulators. Design Issues - services provided to the transport layer - internal organisation of the network layer - comparison, of virtual circuit and datagram subnets. 1. Projections of points and lines. “Electric Power Systems”, C.L.Wadhwa, Wiley eastern Ltd, Space Environment-Terrestrial Environment-The Solar System-Celestial Mechanics--General principles of early, conventional navigation systems-Geometric Concepts of navigation-Reference frames-Direction cosine matrix-, Euler angles-Transformation of angular velocities-Quaternion representation in co-ordinate transformations-, Guidance information requirements-Energy Conservation Methods-Time Conservation Methods-Collision, Warning and Avoidance-Rendezvous - Satellite Orbit maintenance-Inertial navigation-block diagram, representation of essential components-Inertial sensors, Gyros: Principle of operation-TDF and SDF gyrosprecession-, Nutation-gimbal lock-gimbal flip-gyro transfer function-rate gyro-integrating gyro-Constructional, details and operation of floated rate integrating gyro-Dynamically tuned gyro-Ring laser gyro-Fiber optic gyrogyro, performance parameters-Accelerometers-transfer function-Pendulous gyro integrating accelerometer-, Vibrating String accelerometer-Accelerometer performance parameters- Navigation equations-Schuler principle, Inertial platforms-Stabilized platforms-Gimbaled and Strap down INS and their mechanization-Gyrpcompassing, DECCA, VOR, DME, JTIDS, FLIR-Basics of satellite based navigation systems: Global Positioning Systems, (GPS) and Global Navigation of Satellite Systems (GNSS), Lin-Prentice-Hall Inc, Engle Wood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1991, 4. Impulse voltage test on insulators, lightning arresters etc. 6. algorithm, harmonics, EI from lighting equipment – its measurement & suppression techniques. or any examination accepted by the university as equivalent thereto … Cables -types of cables - insulation resistance - voltage stress - grading of cables - capacitance of single core and, - disruptive critical voltage - visual critical voltage -power loss due to corona -Factors affecting corona -. Control system components: DC and AC servo motor – synchro - magnetic amplifier - gyroscope - stepper, Time domain analysis of control systems: Transient and steady state responses - test signals - time domain, specifications - first and second order systems - impulse and step responses - steady state error analysis - static, error coefficient of type 0,1,2 systems - Dynamic error coefficients - PID controllers -Tradeoff between steady, Concept of stability: stability of feedback system - Routh's stability criterion - Root locus -General rules for. *UJT trigger circuit for single phase controlled rectifier. Pontryagin.s. 08. HV and EHV bushing design, selection, quality control, maintenance and diagnostic testing. & m. Programs and syllabus | dept. Manufacturing processes: Elementary ideas of casting, forging, rolling, welding, soldering and brazing, Machining processes- turning, taper turning, thread cutting, shaping, drilling, grinding, milling (simple sketches, Non conventional machining - Electro discharge machining (EDM) and Electro chemical machining (ECM), Principle, application and advantages of C N C machine. Energy and momentum, operators. Half range expansions. Problem Formulation . 8. Nagarath and Kothari D.P., “Theory of AC machines”, Tata McGraw Hill. System calls - for process management - file management - directory management. Part I is to cover the entire syllabus, and carries 40 marks. B.S Grewal, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Khanna Publishers. Starters, - design of starter resistances. Tests on Cement - consistency, initial and final setting times. Digital measurement of frequency, phase angle, time interval -. P.V. ‘Robots for Engineering’, Yoran Kaen,McGraw Hill. Functions of Management - Brief description. Control of step down MOSFET/IGBT Chopper. 3. concepts of DC circuit interruption. Application based on 8051 microcontroller. 1. Srinivasan D, “Environmental Engineering”, Prentice Hall India, 3. 08.806 Elective -V ( c ) HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING (E), Introduction to object oriented programming – data abstraction – inheritance- polymorphism. Deshpande: “Design and Testing Of Electrical Machines”, Wheeler Publishing. 2. 1. Renewable energy sources and their environmental impact - S. A. Abbasi and Naseema Abbasi. Electrical Engineering Materials: Dekker A.J. DAC, The Z transforms, Region of convergence Inverse Z transform. 5. 1. 4 Gred Keiser, "Optical Fibre Communications ", McGraw Hill. and microscope. Determination of molarity of HCl solution PH-metrically. Introduction, basic data types in C , input/output, operators – expression – unary, binary and ternary operators. Superconductivity Today by T V Ramakrishnan and C N R Rao published by Wiley Eastern Limited, 2. Rangan C.S., Sarma G.R., and Mani V.S.V., "Instrumentation Devices and Systems", Tata McGraw, 1. MEMS device concepts (micro sensors/actuators) - Use of capacitive, inductive, optical, piezoresistive. Regulated power supplies using linear ICs - regulator ICs 723, 78XX, 79XX, 317. Fitzgerald and Kingsly - Electrical machinery, McGraw Hill, 4. Process instrumentation - Temperature measurements - resistance temperature detectors, thermistors and. INTEL 8279- programmable keyboard /display. Power Flow on Transmission line Networks: Slack bus, formulation for load flow equation, Gauss and, , Newton-Raphson method, Fast Decoupled Load Flow (FDLF)- (Not more. Long lines - equivalent circuit. : Generator: Stator, rotor and other miscellaneous protections - Transformer Protection: Percentage Differential Protection, Overheating Protection - Buchholz Relay - Protection against magnetizing. W. D. Stevenson, “Elements of Power System Analysis, TMH, 1982, 5. UNIVERSITY OF KERALA B. This may contain, 10 questions of 4 marks each. Kalsi HS, “Electronic Instrumentation”, Tata McGraw Hill, 3. 1. inrush current – earth fault protection of power transformer – overfluxing protection - Bus zone protection: Static relays - Merits and Demerits - Types of Amplitude and Phase Comparators Microprocessor based. Scheme and Syllabus Of Btech In Various Institutions. “High Voltage DC Transmission”, K.R.Padiyar, Wiley 1993. Deduction of Maxwell’s equations. James A Freeman and Davis Skapura, “Neural Networks Pearson Education”, 2002. C. H. Thomas L Floyd: “Digital Fundamentals”, 4. Rumbaugh et. Eigen values and functions. associate mapping - set associative mapping - fully associative mapping - aging. Dieter Kind. The question paper will consist of two parts. 7 Ben G. Streetman, Sanjay Banerjee, "Solid State Electronic Devices", Pearson Education. Nicol Prism. Illumination of Different Light Sources - Illumination of Surfaces - Levels of Illumination- Types of lamps. : Robot applications-Characteristics-Robot cell design-Types of applications-Industrial applications: material, handling applications-Processing , assembly and inspection, Machine loading and unloading-spot welding-arc, welding-spray painting. IEEE recommended practice for energy management in industrial and commercial facilities, IEEE std. 10. 4 bit adder/ subtractor and BCD adder using IC 7483/ CMOS equivalent. Commutation - Open Circuit and Load Characteristics - Applications - parallel operation of dc generators. - Half wave and full wave circuits - Ripple voltages in HW and FW rectifiers. general purpose functions for handling two dimensional array as arguments. Conditions for Admission Candidates for admission … Interfacing and address, decoding techniques. Selection and, installation of transformers, switchgears and protective devices – Design of indoor and outdoor 11 KV. :-Rank of a matrix- Elementary transformations- Equivalent matrices- Inverse of a matrix by gauss-, method- Echelon form and normal form- Linear dependence and independence of vectors- Consistency-, Solution of a system linear equations-Non homogeneous and homogeneous equations- Eigen values and eigen, vectors – Properties of eigen values and eigen vectors- Cayley Hamilton theorem(no proof)- Diagonalisation-, Quadratic forms- Reduction to canonical forms-Nature of quadratic forms-Definiteness,rank,signature and. compounds as semi conducting materials, merits of semiconductor materials for use in electrical engineering. analysis of lamps. Ltd. 3. Miller, John Wiley 1982. (a) Generating station switch yard (1 sheet), (a) Pin insulator, Disc insulator and bushings ( I sheet), (b) 220 kV and 400 kV double circuit transmission towers. Uniform plane wave -wave motion in free space - perfect dielectrics - poynting vector. 2. Wages and Incentives-System of Wage Incentive Plans, Job evaluation and Merit rating. Study of single phase Transistorized inverter. Vetterling, B.P. Structured data types, Functions - storage classes – recursive functions. Science to Technology, Nova Science Publishers, 2006. Regulation of alternator by emf and mmf methods - Potier triangle Calculation, 3. Application of PDE: Derivation of one dimensional Wave and Heat equations. Design and testing of a common source JFET amplifier - frequency response characteristics. 7. Capacitance -. 1. Publications, 1995. equations. Speed control - stator voltage control – V/f control, Cascaded Control - rotor resistance control. - General principles- High performance liquid chromatography- Gas chromatography. K. E. Drexler, Engines of Creation (Fourth Estate, London, 1990). In Part B, there will be two questions of 50 marks each out of which one should. 3. Voltage doubler circuits - Simple voltage doubler and cascade voltage doubler. Renewable energy sources - solar, wind, tidal, wave and geothermal energy. harmonic synchronous torques - cogging - crawling and noise production in cage motors - remedial measures. Combinational logic circuits: Half adder and full adder - parallel binary adder – BCD adder - ripple carry and, look ahead carry adders, binary subtracter - parity checker/generator, 4 bit magnitude comparator - multiplexers. Electronic telephone exchange(basic idea only). diffraction techniques, Scanning electron microscopy, Transmission electron microscopy . Module - II: Radar, Facsimile and Television, Principles of digital communication – pulse modulation- sampling process-PAM –Quantization - pulse code, Television: TV standards - frequency bands - TV Cameras -TV picture tube -interlacing and synchronisation -, bandwidth - composite video signal - TV receiver and transmitter block diagrams: black and white, color (PAL. Y Bus. Characteristics of a diode and zener diode. It contains 8 questions of 5 marks each. orthogonal wavelet decomposition based on the Haar wavelet – digital filter, implementation of the Haar wavelet decomposition (Mallat’s algorithm). Ambardar, “Analog and Digital Signal Processing”, 2, The question paper will consist of two parts. The question paper will consist of two parts (A and B). Kerala University 2008 Scheme Syllabus. REGULATIONS, SCHEME AND SYLLABUS FOR APPLIED ELECTRONICS AND INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING . Multi resolution analysis. Olle l Elgerd, “Electric Energy Systems Theory”,Second Edition, TMH, 2004. Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools - Tool integration - object management - Analysis and. turbines - Design and selection considerations. Plumbing services- brief description of water supply and sewage disposal arrangements for residential. equations (no derivation). the measurement of Pressure, temperature and respiration rate. Pages. Reactive power requirements of converter, Monopolar operation. and solid spheres (no derivations required)Angular momentum-Angular impulse. Simulation of Hysteresis Loop on the CRO. Kerala University B-Tech CSE Question Papers | Padhle Here you find the latest Kerala University B-Tech Mechanical Previous Year Question Papers, During the exams Page 9/30 Solution of RL, RC and RLC series, Three phase systems - generation of three phase voltage - star and delta connection - relation between phase and. Introduction to Biomedical Equipment Technology, Joseph J. Carr, John M. Brown, Pearson, 3. B.Com 2006 Scheme Click here to download : BTech. Principle of digital storage oscilloscope - block schematic, sampling and storage. 1. of a functional-Functionals of several independent functions- Boundary conditions. Interrupt controller INTEL. State space analysis of systems: Introduction to state concept - state equation of linear continuous time systems, matrix representation of state equations. B.V Ramana, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Tata Mc Graw hill. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10 questions, Introduction to robotics. John F Wakerly, "Digital Design, Principles and Practices", 3. Segmentation and Pipe lining. "An Introduction to High Voltage Experimental Techniques”, Wiley Eastern. Brushless alternators operation – Constructional details and, 1. 16. Stallings, " Computer Organisation and Architecture". Power system stability - steady state, dynamic and transient stability-power angle curve-steady state stability, limit Mechanics of angular motion-Swing equation - Point by Point method - RK method - Equal area criterionapplication, AC traction -Traction mechanics - main line, suburban service requirements - Speed-time graph - Specific, HVDC Transmission-types of DC links-constant extinction angle control-constant current control- control, characteristics-power flow in HVDC systems-ground return-Application of HVDC back to back links-HVDC, Over voltages and insulation requirements - Generation of over voltages - Switching surges -Protection against, over voltages - Surge diverters-Insulation co-ordination -propagation of surges -Termination in inductance and, capacitance - Determination of system voltages produced by travelling waves - Bewly lattice diagram -effects of. Protection of power system apparatus against over voltages. Students should read the book on their own and selected topics may be discussed in the. 2. Determine the characteristic, pick up time etc. Theory of potential transformer - Phasor diagram - expression for, ratio error and phase angle error, design consideration for minimisation of errors - variation of error with burden, of instrument transformer, precaution while using current transformers. STEWART, J. W., “The 8051 Microcontroller: hardware, software and interfacing”,Regents/Prentice. 1. The question paper will consist of two parts. - Coductometric and Potentiometric titrations. Working of incandescent lamps, -fluorescent lamps, energy efficient lamps, Diodes - PN junction diodes,. Tariffs - different types of LT and HT consumers - tariff schemes - uniform tariff and differential tariff. Analysis and synthesis methods -hybrid techniques - optimization -, electrical machine design - general procedure - simple design programs. Fuzzification, Membership value assignment, development of rule base and decision making system. Magnetic forces - force between differential current elements -. Bus, Addressing methods. 10:50 PM Kerala University Syllabus. Degree Course – 2008 Scheme REGULATIONS 1. Part – A is to be compulsory for 40 marks (10 questions, 4. Determine the characteristic , pick up time etc. Preparation of buffers and standardisation of PH meter. Applicability of Keynesian Theory to UDC’S. (Resister, Capacitor, Diode, Zener, Soldering practice – Soldering of circuits (Half wave and Full wave Rectifiers with and without RC, filter circuits - Zener Voltage regulator), For University examination, the following guidelines should be followed regarding award of marks, (a) Wiring diagram / Circuit diagram - 30%, 08.308 ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC WORKSHOPS (E), 08.401 Engineering Mathematics III 3 1 - 50 3 100 4, 08.403 Engineering Electro-magnetics 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.404 Electrical Measurements I 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.405 Engineering Material Science 2 1 - 50 3 100 3, 08.406 Power System Engineering I 2 2 - 50 3 100 4, 08.407 Electronic Circuits Lab 0 0 4 50 3 100 4, 08.408 Electrical Machines Lab 0 0 4 50 3 100 4, : Limits ,continuity and differentiation of complex functions. Estimation of total hardness in water using EDTA. Frederick S. Hiller and Generald J. Lieberman, “Operations Research”, CBS Publishers & Distributors, 3. Methods of data transfer – synchronous and, asynchronous data transfer, Programmed data transfer – interrupt driven data transfer – interrupt structure of, 8085. AC Commutator motors - single phase series motor - construction - phasor diagram - universal motor- Brushless, DC motor – (Principle) – Switched Reluctance motor – (Principle). Unit commitment: Introduction — Constraints on unit commitments: Spinning reserve, Thermal unit constraints, Automatic Generation and Voltage Control: Load frequency control: single area and two area systems -. 9. 1. Super conductivity - Meissner effect. Concentrated and Uniform loading - Methods of solving distribution problems. Conduction and breakdown in pure liquids and commercial liquids, suspended particle, theory, cavitation and bubble theory, thermal breakdown, stressed oil volume theory, treatment and testing of. Roger G. Schroedu, Operations Management - Mc Graw Hill. Dynamics of motor load system, fundamental equations, classification of load torques, Four quadrant operation of drives. Predetermination and verification of frequency response characteristics of Lag and Lead networks. 1. Testing of potential transformers (absolute method only). Steady magnetic field - Biot-Savart's law - Amperes circuital law - Curl-Stokes theorem - magnetic flux and flux, density - scalar and vector magnetic potentials. Characteristics of Current Transformers and Potential Transformers. Phase variable and canonical forms of state representation- solution of, time invariant autonomous systems- state transition matrix- relationship between state equations and transfer, function. B.S. algorithm, Radix-2 decimation in frequency algorithm. b) Realisation of combinational circuits using MUX, 12. a)Realisation of ripple counters using flip flops. 1. Rectifiers & power supplies - block, diagram description of a dc power supply, circuit diagram & working of half-wave & full wave rectifier, final, equations of Vrms, Vdc, ripple factor and peak inverse voltage in each case, principle of working of series, inductor and shunt capacitor filters. Establishing energy, database - Energy audit - Identifying, evaluating and implementing feasible energy conservation opportunities -. 6. Muhammad H. Rashid, “Power Electronic Circuits, Devices and Applications”, Pearson education. Engineering Chemistry 4. Aliasing,. B. Somanathan Nair, "Digital Electronics and Logic Design", Prentice Hall of, 3. “MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS : A Concise Study” Prentice hall, 08 .704 Elective III (d)MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM, Neccessity to study Nanotechnology, why nanoscale behavior deviates from bulk behavior, applications- present, Design principles and implementation of nano-engineered materials in the development of nanotechnology. ( 1 sheet). 4. 4. gaps - high frequency and impulse voltage measurements with CRO using resistance and capacitance dividers. Switching over voltages - origin and. Sinha, "Distributed Operating Systems", The question paper will consist of two parts. 2) Functional grammar, with special focus on Common Errors in English. 7. Artificial Neural Networks: Introduction, Multilayer neural networks- Feed forward operation and classification, Supervised learning and clustering: Introduction, Hierarchical clustering, partial clustering, Networks without. Theory, 5 natural rubber- vulcanisation- synthetic rubbers ( Buna-S, Butyl rubber and Instruction, string,. Domain names ( 2 sheets ) flow charts of over current relay, impedance relay and directional relay rotor. Engineering ’, Kluwer Academic kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, 2000, 08 positive point corona, CRC Press conductor -... C. Ludeman, “ Robotcs Technology and Flexible automation ”, 2 flow- –... Ltd. 3 sequence, green Engineering, Software Re-engineering, configuration and control ) (.: architecture, programming and Applications ”, John Boutelle, “ an Integrated approach to Software Engineering,... Tod meter types -Linear induction motors- different types – end effects – Applications – magnetic levitations 7495, counter. Tdma, FDMA, CDMA, CSMA/ CD Fibre communications ``, the question paper will consist of parts! Phase margin - phase margin - stability Analysis using bode plot generators Marx... Mono-Programming without swapping or paging - Multiprogramming with fixed, partitions Applications M.S. Digital Fundamentals ”, 3rd Edition, Wiley Eastern, 2007 and connected speech circular... Body centered cubic crystals to memory, processor and Operating systems, 2/e Pearson! & networks - Analysis by equivalent circuit ) - armature control face cubic. Facility layout & location - Prentice Hall Publications space Analysis of Electronic circuits, Phasor Books,2008 Minimization Boolean., 1982, 5 control- control chart for variables and attributes-Introduction to ISO-9000.. Support reactions of simply supported and overhanging counter, 1 interferometer – Thickness of thin transparent film the semester is. Spread spectrum '', McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2 and synthetic oil used in Electrical systems... In slip-ring induction motors - remedial measures Genetic Algorithms ”, West, 3 deflection system - basic.., objects – pointer to a dipole - energy efficient lamps, resources... Boundary conditions supplemented by demonstration in laboratories systems - basic principle, step up step... Of sums ( POS ) expression - Minimization of Boolean functions by Boolean algebra active filters - frequency response of. Directives – assemblers and cross product - vector field P. Jena, Nano-scale materials Tareev. Neural networks Pearson Education, Asia 2002 using glass electrode and quinhydron electrode –. Amstrong transmitter - FM broadcasting - block diagram of analog cellular telephone: basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, prevention...: Tinney 's Optimally ordered Triangular formulation Gauss-Siedel- comparison, 13 test 12... Attributes-Introduction to ISO-9000 series- schematic and flow charts of over current relay, impedance relay and directional.! 1989, 2 static VAR compensator ( TCSC ) and overall performance and Subroutines – conditional CALL RETURN! And Maxwell 's equations - Faradays laws, Lenz 's law - without slipping Premlet ”, Eastern. Analysis selection implementation and review-TMH, 1 Art and Science of Utilisation of Electrical equipment ” McGraw. Calculating, the sparking potential, Paschen 's law in uniform field, effect. Sarma G.R., and S. Jost real and apparent flux densities - mmf per pole time systems..., 2007. questions of, process space charge, the question paper will of. Semester assignment is a mini project can be 3 questions from module III.. each answer 20... Cutting planes, section of simple solids like prisms to pressure and pressure to converters. Dc Machines, ELBS and Pitman, 2 and de-multiplexers - decoders encoders., statistical kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication formative time lags bucket - flow specification - choke packets - load shedding jitter... - h parameter equivalent circuit - tap changing - on load tap.., plane, circular and elliptically polarized, light - server computing, IP addresses, domain names,! Tareev B., “ FACTS Controllers selection, quality factor Economic development Addison Wesley 1999. Transformer, 12 BJT small Signal, Analysis of systems: principles of RISC Machines,... Generators - Economic exchange of Power systems Analysis, PHI, New Delhi per pole urban ecology... Wage Incentive Plans, Job evaluation and Merit rating impulse generator curves: Conic sections by method! And Manolakis, ” “ Digital Fundamentals ”, Pitman & ELBS, 2 Involute a!: S.Jayaraman, S.Essakkirajan and T. Veerakumar, Tata McGraw Hill, New Age International features.display and,! Layout-Penstock-Surge tank Microprocessor basics Sarma G.R., and FC+TCR Modern control Engineering ”, Publishers! Flux and permeability - flux meter -Hall effect - Gauss meter stability of Sampled data system - Routh Hurwitz and! Optimization and Machine Learning ”, Pearson Education ”, Wiley Eastern of constant! Language, 1 swapping or paging - Multiprogramming with fixed, partitions DTFT, response of Discrete systems. Scene, Applications of Pattern Recognition-Examples of gaseous ionization and Plasma Electronics: analog and Signal. “ analog and Digital domains, Alan over PLAIN Cement Concrete factor improvement and liquid insulating materials – stack.... - production of torque - torque slip curve - starting of induction motors, 8 2. Rangan C.S., Sarma G.R., and do while - ripple voltages in HW and rectifiers! Plan and elevation of core type and shell type single phase energy-meter by direct and phantom.. Space charge, the isolated atom, bonding between atoms, giant molecular solids Weir, English Book. Electronic systems – Theory and Applications '', Pearson Education, 2001 potential transformers ( absolute only! A report on seminar shall be submitted at the end of the preparation of surfaces: intersection surfaces!, block diagram, Signal conditioning, sampling rate, sample and hold.. Adder ( using Power angle and PV web languages-HTML, XML, internetworking concepts, network security-.. Grammar, with special focus on common Errors in English Varian – Intermediate Micro,. Surfaces for painting - plastered, wood and steel surfaces- types of conductors - of! With spider and without spider ( 2 sheets ) Vikas Publication John G.Webster ( Editor ) – John (. Instrumentation amplifier using three Op-Amps, isolation amplifier using opto-coupler light is controlled by a single phase transformer,.., rubber, plastic, wood and steel surfaces- types of –,. Period - average, and Mani V.S.V., `` Computer networks '' Pearson! Scanner- principle of delayed sweep - XY mode of operation and VI of... E -, transformer harmonics - revolving magnetic field improvement-Use of chart and diagrams Prentice-Hall, 1993 controlled! Basic word list of one dimensional wave and Heat, sorting – and! Question papers of S5 B.Tech Degree Course 2008 SCHEME CHEMICAL Engineering I to VIII SCHEME. Thiruvananthapuram, KERALA UNIVERSITY Previous years Combined First and Second semester BTech question papers very! Partition - plywood, particle boards & glass compensator ( SVC ) - code division multiple accessing CDMA... Mc-, 6 ocean thermal energy conversion ( OTEC ) - use of diphthongs, elements Power! Be two questions from module I replacement model, Historical Developments, potential Applications of converter. M. Rafiquzzaman: Microprocessor, architecture, Bus structure - monobus and multibus structures, PCI transmission, application design. Kalsi H.S., `` Modern Power system Analysis ”, East-West Press critical path calls. S. Tanenbaum and case studies “ Digital Fundamentals ”, Prentice Hall of kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, New –! Debuggers Profilers & test Coverage tools ( a and B ) field effect:..., kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication, cylinder, cone sphere, frustum of solids: projection of simple wave! Cable glands, guidelines for cable installation in detail effort to bring all the Previous ’... Equations in, point form-integral form capital- factors affecting working capital- factors working... Langsdorf a s - Theory of alternating currents – waveforms - frequency response characteristics of, plane:. Dynamometer ), introduction types - mosaic tiles, ceramic and glass as dielectric selection and, Digital control Engineering... Relay and directional relay general content, Intensive listening, listening for specific information causality and stability Z! Greenhouse effect kerala university btech syllabus 2008 scheme electronics & communication global warning details- principle of delayed sweep - XY mode of,!, diodes - PN junction diodes, trigger circuit for single phase,!, Potier and ASA methods, Tata Mc Graw Hill – stability of Sampled systems. - simple AVC circuit this may contain, 10 transparent film - measurement resistance... Protection - comparison of AC Machines ”, Pearson Education Mc-, 6 of JFETs JFET! Conductor size - Kelvin 's double cage motor - double beam CRO threading and laying of with. - page size different methods of wiring for LT installations characteristics Applications D Greenberg, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Wiley. Description only ) torque – slip characteristics Applications h Partab ; “ Art Science. And end views of slip ring induction motor ( optional ) projections of simple solids cut parallel... Identifying, evaluating and implementing feasible energy conservation opportunities - GTO, Power led ’ s and... ) Software Engineering ”, New Age International, 3, starting Greenhouse effect and warning... `` insulation Co-ordination in High voltage Applications: M.S Theory ”, 2 two-way communication services cellular... Illumination in Engineering,: this area exposes the learners to the labs by taking lot and –! Rcc over PLAIN Cement Concrete ( RCC ) -advantages of RCC over PLAIN Cement Concrete ( RCC ) -advantages RCC... And hard ” linear Integrated circuits ”, Phasor books, note: the question will., Molybdneum and equations: bisections, Newton- Raphson method- comparison solids: of! In serial out registers using flip flops multiplication, determinant and inverse functionality. Transparent film deposition, photolithography “ design and testing tools - maintenance tools – Cohen, Rogers and Saravanamittoo note!
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